4th November  2019

In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.


In week six I went along to photograph another local Cornish family , the youngest daughter of which is full time home educated, whilst the eldest is flexischooled. On the website ed yourself Flexi-schooling is defined as : “flexischooling is an arrangement between the parent and the school where the child is registered at school but where the child attends the school part-time. The rest of the time the child is home-educated (effectively an authorised absence from school).”   Nicholson, Fiona.  spring/summer 2012 .  The journal of personalised education now. Ed.yourself. (first accessed 04.11.2019) I am going to write about flexischooling in more depth on my contextual research pages …

The eldest daughter had made the decision that she didn’t want to have any front facing photographs of her in the photoshoot, she was happy (and wanted) to be in the photographs,  but just didn’t want any to be front on of her face. She was however, happy to have them from the side, back or as a silhouetted . This was really important as both a photographer, & mother to me, that we respect these boundaries that our children decide upon. Mum and I had already spoken ahead of time and she had said she would just wait to see how her daughter felt on the morning, she may choose to be in them, be in none at all, or be in them as she was, it was all entirely her decision. This was something that I have incorporated into both my participation questionnaire I am going to give to all the families, as well as the risk assessment forms.

These are my favourite shots from the day, followed by the contact sheets of the shortlisted images.






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