3D models of exhibition spaces.

With two exhibitions coming up I have decided to have two 3D models of the spaces printed.

The reasonings for this are –

1 ) They will help me with planning the exhibition out myself.

2) They will help with being able to visualise the layout with the curator at Falmouth Art Gallery, and the owner of Bear bookshop.

3) They will be a really good artefact to keep of my first exhibitions, so that I can use them in future work, both in exhibitions, and to inform my choices when curating new exhibitions.

4) I can use them in the future as teaching aids , when working with home educated students interested in a career in the arts when they are older.

I am planning on going back and recreating the first two exhibitions I had during the MA as well. The first being the exhibition in my garden, and the second being the exhibition at the Exchange gallery in penzance as well so that I have a full set of all four exhibitions completed to date. These two will probably be completed after the MA though due to financial restrictions.


The first step in this process is to find someone who can do the 3D designs for me, and the second is to find the printer and have them printed.

This morning I have contacted two designers and printers for initial conversations about the process, how it works, time scales for printing and costs involved.

I sent over the below illustrations I downloaded from google of models I had seen that were similar to what I wanted, as well as the google images of Falmouth art galleries space where I will be exhibiting.

Bear bookshop will be a lot simpler than Falmouth art gallery to design, as it is essentially a rectangle, with steps traversing the space horizontally in the middle, as well as the bookcases and counter space.


Images – Google images, 19.03.2021. 3D architectural models and google images of Falmouth art gallery stair space where I will be exhibiting.

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