The Heutagogical Home

‘ The Heutagogical Home’ Artist statement audio file.


‘ The Heutagogical Home ‘ is a deeply personal project, focusing on the alternative education of my children within their shared, pedagogical space.

Exploring a small, but intense, window of time, into our home educating family’s life and the dynamics created by the philosophically varied education of my four children.

My two younger children engaging in a self-directed learning experience, whilst their two older brothers focus on a structured curriculum, self-educating through their GCSE’s and A-Levels at home.

The project eventually metamorphosing into a comparison, not only of the above, but also between the isolation, claustrophobia and intensity of exam preparation, and the experience of self isolation in the time of Coronavirus.

In March 2019, Covid-19 swept the globe, altering the way education looks for many and cancelling exam season in the U.K.

Without the endorsement of tutors, my sons, along with many home educated children, were left with the possibility of not being awarded exam grades.

In a time when much of the country has had home-schooling thrust upon them, the divide between the home-educated and the schooled could not be wider.

Whilst families are supported by their schools and government, many children in the home educating community are being failed by a system that has repeatedly failed them in the past.

The Heutagogical Home

This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.