A musical education

Video -A Musical Education video – Graham, Rebecca 2020.

I have started looking at how I can combine image, video and audio in new ways, and new combinations for the website. This took me back to the above video I made in December 2019 combining video of the families in Cornwall I had photographed up until that point, where music had featured in some way in their photo session.

I am looking at combining in this way to illustrate the different ways children learn, over zoom, in person, by a teacher, by a parent, a friend, self-studying an instrument on their own, playing, or by simply moving and making sound in the excitement of playing a video game.

My aim with this project is to open the eyes of those who may not be able to see the different ways that education can and does happen. That one way will not necessarily work for even the same family on any given week, let alone every child learning in the same way all the time.

I am attempting to show the beauty in alternative education, and for me, that is in the individualism it allows children.


Graham, Rebecca. 2021. A Musical Education. You tube. Available at https://youtu.be/A0iVS5b1w9M (Accessed 01.02.2021)

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