Another day …. another step closer to the decision.

Home schooling / home education / life learning / unschooling / independent learning / life learning / organic learning / child led learning / world schooling . 

Call it as it may or don’t call it anything at all other than living. Is calling us from the depths of our souls to a place much brighter & free’er than the one we currently reside in.

Bodie & I had such a wonderful conversation earlier about home ed’ing and what it could or would or wouldn’t or should or shouldn’t or may entail. Infact it wasn’t that so much (as we don’t really have any presumptions at the moment other than free’ing them from what they are currently chained to and yes I mean chained). If a 13 year old can eloquently express their disdain for the system that forces them to learn things, not on a subject they are not interested in, but in a way that doesn’t focus them or excite them, what does that say. We are going wrong somewhere and the children know it, I remember thinking it when I was at school SO WHY IS NOONE LISTENING ?

Bodie had some great ideas on what he wanted to do, places he wanted to see, things he wanted to experience. I was nothing short of extremely proud of the young man we helped give to this world . I would be lying if I didn’t say I was kind of terrified as well. It is a huge step for all of us and will be a massive learning curve, but I do believe with all my heart it is the right step, and the right time, and that they will gain so much from this decision , that we all are making together.


So …. whilst on our walk and talk, we went and bought some more ‘supplies’ (read we attacked the pound shop for pens , pencils, crayons, white boards, chalks, headphones, and a lot of chocolate) and then went and bought a lovely knitting set for Amelia as she has been wanting this set for such a long time.  Also, I admit this was a gift of guilt. I felt awful as she went to school this morning after me shouting at her (I did apologise before she went but I still felt awful) , for what later transpired to be ridiculous and I felt guilty about it all day . Another reason I can’t wait for our routines to change. I never want to have to force my child out of bed, or into a shirt and tie (bodie and I also discussed how bizarre a thing this is, I mean just think about it …. a shirt and tie ON A 7+ YEAR OLD ??? ) , or out of our arms again. Enough.

So she has her fabulous little learn to knit set, and we spent a good couple of hours sewing her brownie badges (first ones yesterday as she did her brownie promise she was SO excited !) and watching you tube videos on how to knit as apparently I have forgotten everything my beautiful nan taught me mud to my upset so now we are both (re)learning. Yes family, friends, you heard it her first, and it’s true …. I am trying to learn how to knit.:)




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