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I have decided to keep a bibliography of additional books I have read in each module ( in addition that is, to the prescribed essays, chapters and books within the module reading list.) 

Abril, Laia. 2018. A history of misogyny. Chapter one . On abortion. and the repercussions of lack of access. Stockport, U.K; Dewi Lewis publishing.

Bright, Susan. 2013. Home Truths, Photography and motherhood. London; Art books.

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Carucci, Elionor. 2013. Mother. New York ; Prestel .

Freire, Paulo. 2017. Pedagogy of the oppressed. London; Penguin.

Friedewald, Boris. Women photographers. London; Prestle.

Jansen, Charlotte. 2017. Girl on girl. Art and photography in the age of the female gaze. London ; Laurene king publishing.

Kelly, Mary. 1999. Post-partum document. Austria; Generali foundation.

Laboile, Alain. 2018. The summer of the fawn . Berlin; Kehrer Heidelberg.

Latham, Jack. 2019. Sugar paper theories. London ; Here Press.

Lewis, Jenny. 2017 . One day young. London; Hoxton mini press.

Mann, Sally. 2014. Immediate Family. New York ; Aperture.

McBride, James. 2002.  Family. Sydney, Hatchette.

Richardson, Clare. 2003. Harlemville. Germany ; Steidl.Mack

Saastamoinen-Barrois, Sanna. 2019. River Flows. Paris ; OFR Paris.

Sontag, Susan. 2008. On photography. London ; Penguin classics. Penguin group.

Walker, Tim. 2019. Wonderful Things. London; V&A Publishing.

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2018. Portrait of Britain. London; Hoxton mini Press.



Lloyd, Joe. Jan 2020. Year 3.  British journal pf photography ; issue 7891.

Zoo, Alice. Oct 2019. The cracker, British journal of photography. issue 7888



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The below is an informal record of Webpages , extracts and papers for personal reference only. These are not official references, Full references are included in relevant posts, this is an ongoing list of online resources for myself that I have found relevant information on photographers, alternative education, educationalists, pedagogy, and critical references.

Roy Kozlovsky. 2007. Chapter 8; Adventure Playgrounds and Postwar Reconstruction - Gutman, Marta. & Coninck-Smith, Ning de. Designing Modern Childhoods: History, Space, and the Material Culture of Children; An International Reader.Rutgers University Press.

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