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SO ….. DOCUMENTARY BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY ! I have been meaning to write this post about my birth photography (birth photography coverage available in London, Cornwall, Devon, Bristol & Bath, Somerset, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Worcestershire, Shropshire )  for a while, yet never seem to have the time to do it justice, & it really is the one topic that you NEED to talk about properly & in depth to convey what it is that it entails. When I talk about birth photography with couples there is always one thing that everyone wants to talk about first…(obviously!) & thats the actual moment when your baby is born. Now let me start this blog post off by saying birth photography is NOT just about getting a photo of the moment your baby makes his or her first entrance to the world, heck sometimes it isn’t about that at all & couples choose not to have any photographs of the baby crowning/being born. So let me tell you my thoughts on birth photography, what it is that I love about it, & why it is that I offer it, as I do get asked a LOT why I would want to do it.

My answer- why on earth wouldn’t I want to offer birth photography? I love children, I love pregnancy, every time I photograph a pregnant woman, a baby, a dad cuddling his newborn my heart grows a little, my soul is a little more enriched. Each & every single time I see the world for what it is, & all the good that it holds, how all these little people, right from when they are still just mere seeds growing inside us make the world more beautiful …… & make us all so very much more than we ever were before, or ever thought we would be. Why would you not want to help a woman, a couple, capture the moments that made them who they are to be, the defining moment(s) of most peoples lives, when they realize that they are no longer their own, they belong to someone & in the words of someone who was so much more eloquent with their words than me ” Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body”. For me, it is about capturing those memories for you of how you evolved into a new person, or at least a somewhat different one.

When I photograph a birth it is about the moments leading up to the babies delivery, the expectations, the apprehensions,  the excitement, the fear, the joy, the pain, the love, the stress & the calm, the mother, the father, the partner, the other children, the midwives, the doulas, the water, the candles, the bed, the machines, the gas, the needles, the beeping, the massage, the oils, the quiet, it is everything & all of it ……. that will fade. Which it does into a blur no matter how hard we try to recall our babies face the first time we ever set our eyes upon them, or what it felt like seeing your partner hold the life you created together for the first time and seeing that bond grow.  My aim, to capture the very essence of something that when you look back at your photographs still make your hairs stand on end, that make you hold your breath, fill your chest with love & you can still taste every emotion & feel every tear that ran down your cheek. It is about you having those very first moments , those emotions, forever, the first time you see your baby, the first time your partner looks upon you as a mother, the first time your baby takes a breath, and fills their lungs off, the first time you feel their skin & smell that baby smell, the first time your baby looks straight into your eyes and knows, REALLY knows all that was & all that will be …& you know …you know that you will never ever be the same again.

Below are two photographs taken during our youngest sons c-section in July. Before we had oska we lost a baby and it effected us in ways, I can’t even being to explain, the hurt our hearts felt was like nothing I have ever experienced, or ever will again, to my core it changed the person I am, the mother I was and am. When we got pregnant with oska people would lovingly say, just get past the first scan it will be fine (we had had two good scans with the baby we lost so this didn’t help) then they would say just get past the time when you lost the baby and it will be ok you will relax, but all I could think is god no, it was bad enough then what would I be like if it happened latter on, I worried that I literally wouldn’t be able to hold it together. The image on right is one that my husband took of me watching Oska being measured & checked, the first time I heard him cry. That smile you see, yes it’s a new mothers love, but it’s more than that, it’s relief, pure utter complete relief that he was here, and he was ok and nothing bad was going to happen. The second image, the one on the left, is the moment (the ob’s & midwives probably thought I had lost my mind) when I quickly took the camera from my husband whilst still lying on the operating bed being stitched up, to take a photograph of the very first time my jay got to hold his son, Oska, our fourth baby. He was an old hand at this by this stage yet still the care and gentleness of protecting this most precious person was as raw as it was the day we first held all 4lbs40z of Bodie in NICU nearly 10 years before.  There is nothing in this world that I could say to explain how I felt at that moment, no words to say how much I loved my husband for all that he was, all he had given me & how much I loved my son for all that he was, is, & could be … no words at all, just these photos that still make the hairs on my neck stand on end & leave me sat here writing a blog post at ten o clock at night with Oska snoring gently next to me, smiling to myself, tears streaming down my face …….. & that is why I would choose to photograph a birth.

Bekkie. xoxo



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