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As one of the first birth photographers in Cornwall, & the Uk as a whole, it was a whole new concept to a lot of the media when they saw what I was offering & consequentially I have had the pleasure of receiving some lovely feedback from the press, & have had some wonderful articles written about my birth photography, the story of how I got into birth photography & why, & the mothers & fathers stories of how their birth photography has effected their recollection of their births & given them some beautiful everlasting memories that would of otherwise been lost & forgotten, or at best a little blurred by time.

My favourite of all of the articles that have been written is the first one below, written for a birth photography feature by Kirstie Newton of the magazine Cornwall today. I love how she covered the real story without sensationalising it { I’m of the opinion birth is pretty bloody amazing & sensational without the attention grabbing headlines some papers would want us to start using  😉 }. Not to mention the article is entirely centred around a mothers experience & birth story, & how birth photography was able to enrich her whole birth experience from the start. It’s a beautiful piece of writing & one that I really feels encompasses everything of how a woman can take control of her birth experience by utilising things that are available to her { be it a birth photographer , a doula, an independent midwife, or hypnobirthing. } Birth is beautiful & should be recalled & recounted as such, to hear tales of beautiful strong moments, where the world stopped spinning, is what as mothers we should be spreading , enough of this one born every minuet rubbish where everyone is screaming & shouting & out of control, & seems to have no support from anyone. Birth is, & can be the most empowering, enriching, & spiritual of experiences, & I would love to see more mothers achieve the births they wish for, whatever that happens to be supported by the people she loves, her medical staff, and if she wishes her birth photographer.

Cornwall Today feature by Kirstie Newton


Practical parenting feature


Daily Mail featurepregnancy_birth_photography_daily_mail_feature_1

Feature written by Milli Hill of the positive birth movement for Best daily Full feature available online at


Daily Mail feature


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