Birth Photography – Testimonials

” The experience & emotions surrounding birth are forever imprinted on your memory, but nothing can rival the power of an image to bring those memories into sharp focus. I’m sure our children will bring us joy for the rest of our lives, but to SEE that joy at the first meeting etched on our faces & to feel it emanating from the pictures is absolutely priceless. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for capturing this for us, and giving us a lifelong treasure in these pictures.”

Lee-ann …. the birth of Reuben November 13th


“Although we were apprehensive about birth photography  we saw it as a wonderful opportunity to capture what would of been otherwise quite a surreal blur. It was great to be in constant contact with you leading up to the birth – to get to know each other and also to take advantage of your endless patience to answer all our constant questions. We really appreciated your professionalism, relationship with the medical staff & respect for our birth plan. You were completely unobtrusive throughout, which was quite an achievement given the amount of people in the delivery room. The photographs are utterly inspiring. You have captured our babies arrivals perfectly, from the first contractions, to the organisation & skill of the medical team. Viewing the images for the first time, one of my lasting memories is seeing just how integral M (J’s partner) was throughout. It was clear that I could’t have done all that alone.

J … the birth of Isla & Zachary May 24th



“It took some persuading to get Mark (husband) to agree to the photos but we both agree it was a fantastic decision. The pictures are beautiful & captured perfectly the emotion & excitement of what was un doubtedly the proudest moment of my life ! (even the photograph with my bottom in was flattering ! Extremely impressed by that !) To say that I am not fond of being in front of a camera is an understatement & I did wonder if I would feel awkward …. not in the slightest, I only recall seeing Bekkie once, I hadn’t evenr ealised she had arrived ! The memories fade so quickly, I have looked at these pictures nearly every single day & the never fail to bring a smile & a tear! I can’t thank Bekkie enough for the professional & sensitive job she did with the pictures of the birth of Elizabeth. Even the people who thought it was a bit strange have changed their opinion ! Even better than that? … my husband conceded that once again I was right !

Abbi …. the birth of Elizabeth May 13th August






“After seeing Bekkie’s birth photography portfolio, I knew I wanted to capture such a special occasion in our lives. I found the whole birth experience amazing, fulfilling & completely relaxing. We had gotten to know Bekkie well & it felt like a friend was in the room with us. She was so discreet I wasn’t aware of any of the photographs being taken until after the birth. We have beautify photos of the magical moment we became a family, my partner Matt also enjoyed the experience, & found that looking back on the photographs enhanced the whole birth experience & highlighted moments of our birth which would of otherwise been lost in a haze. We now have these precious images to look back on & share with our family & friends.”

Klaire … the birth of Jacob October 27th




This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.