C-section birth photography London Birmingham Devon Cornwall

C-section birth photography in London Birmingham Devon & Cornwall { and anywhere in-between }

The beautiful birth photography of baby A born via natural cesarean section coming soon on the blog.

My first “second baby” (which is actually this mom and dads third baby … are you following me? )  I ‘d ever captured for a family, and after not being able to photograph their families last c-section, this was all kinds of emotional. I literally burst out crying in the theatre when I saw this image whilst skipping through them when J was having some quiet time with A. One of the lovely nurses was all “are you ok hunny?” All I could do was point at my screen on the back of my camera whilst sobbing uncontrollable happy tears trying not to make any noise. Let me explain , this image is actually cropped a LOT. The original includes mom, dad, the screen lowered, the staff, the whole room basically, and it’s just pulsating with love. This images of mom beaming as her baby is delivered into to her arms is priceless. When I watched my daughter be born (the first of our children I saw exit me as with the boys sections the screens weren’t lowered in ‘those days’) my whole world stopped. Seeing your child be born, when you have never witnessed that before as a mother is monumental. I mean, it’s monumental at the best of times, but after being a mother of two, for quite a few years, to see that moment, it’s pure magic. Like me J had two boys born via two sections, and then on her third child , got to see her daughter being born. Whilst I get to live that most precious moment over in my head of when I met Amelia (which is still flipping awesome!) , J gets to keep this moment in her heart, her head, her soul, and on her wall forever if she wants! What an amazing moment to be able to see and touch forever. To capture such a fleeting all consuming emotion for a mom and dad, is the reason why I started out on this journey. Words cannot being to explain how happy I am that her and her partner got to witness this magical moment, and I got to keep it for them forever.

What a weekend this was.



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