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Hi hi all you lovely people and welcome to my brand new sparkly blog !

After 6 years of being a childhood photographer in Cornwall, I decided last year after a good six months off following my kidney operation that I needed to sit back and look at what I was doing, how I was working, where I was working, and just in general the big …. where is all this going?

I started photographing children and families a bit by accident when I was pregnant with Amelia nearly 7 years ago now. I had given myself maternity leave from photographing weddings, it was the height of the wedding season, and well I was driving my hubby and Sarah { the lady covering me at weddings} , absolutely CRAZY ! After a couple of years of running our own wedding photography business and being super busy, I just couldn’t sit still and do nothing it seemed. So although I had been photographing our boys, and friends children since starting the photography business a few years before, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to actually set up properly as a children’s photographer in Cornwall …. and so BAMBINO ART PHOTOGRAPHY was born.

A few months later Amelia came big eyed and screaming beautifully into our lives, and before I knew it I was in our very first studio in Newquay, and three years had gone by & I was pregnant with Oska. I photographed & witnessed my first birth, something that changed both me and my business forever, I had another studio in Truro, and business was booming. As Oska grew though things started to change, I found myself missing things at school like plays, and parents evenings, I even missed one christmas eve nearly entirely because I was still running round delivering frames and meeting clients !

Then last year I burnt out entirely and although the drs would argue it probably wasn’t the cause I think I literally had completely exhausted my body and it just couldn’t cope anymore. I was working 60 hour weeks, was up until 2/3am working every morning, then up at 7am for the kids school run. My body was burnt out, something HAD to change. I was spending all my time capturing memories for everyone else’s families, and as much as I truly do love doing that, and I really really do, my family were missing out hugely.

In February last year I had my kidney removed and spent the next month in and out of intensive care and was really very very poorly, something that was the last part in my decision to change how I worked, and most importantly how MUCH I worked.

With this new found freedom that came with simply making this decision was a new me, not necessarily a new set of priorities, but they just got jiggled around a bit, and some decisions were made.

First I got rid of the studio as most of my work is on location anyway and the studio just wasn’t in line with the documentary feel my photographs have, this is much better achieved by photographing families in their normal everyday surroundings. Then I decided to move over at the same time to online ordering instead of in person for a little while. This is the only part of this plan that I do miss actually, as I love for clients to be able to see and feel and touch my products, and also to have a good natter and share a cuppa and cake, so I may look at changing this again once Oska is at school so stay posted on that one !

Then I decided that I need to stop the midnight working , and on the same line the endless working:)So from now until my littleO starts school in September, I am only going to be working (as in editing, posting, meetings, and computer work, NOT photoshoots) wednesdays, thursdays and fridays from 9am until 3pm.

Photoshoot wise I decided that I would only be doing one or two photoshoots a month (this excludes birth photography which is booked in addition to my standard photoshoots), these can be taken on any day as long as they are booked in advance, and are my standard photoshoots, 1-3 hours on location, or at your home, available throughout all of my covered areas (I’m doing a new blog post on this next so will update with the link in due course!)

I then created a minishoot option for clients who wanted some up to date photographs, but didn’t necessarily want or need a full photoshoot at the moment. These photoshoots are quite tight in their parameters but it means I can keep their costs down very low in comparison to my standard shoots, as my outgoings and time invested is a lot less and falls inbetween when Oska is at preschool. These photoshoots take part in Newquay only, on wednesdays or thursdays between 10am and 2pm, are 30 minuets long and include a disk of up to 20 edited images that come with full printing rights so you can make prints/enlargements etc for yourself and friends and family. These photoshoots are only available during term time and cost £250 and that includes all of the above.

Next of is facebook, phone calls, and emails. Anyone who has had work done by me, spoken to me on facebook, enquired etc will know I am online a LOT. I found myself literally attached to my phone, for emails, texts, messaging people on facebook, the lot. Then when I was making all these decisions it occurred to me that online time was one of my BIGGEST time eaters, and it had got completely out of hand ! There is absolutely no reason why I should be emailing or messaging people at 2am, no one is going to expect a reply at that time of day after all !  So now my phone is on 9:30am-3:00pm and then again from 8pm-9pm to allow for those *after kiddies have gone to bed* phone calls. Emails, voicemails, and facebook messages I have decided will only be answered during this time.

Lastly is our holidays. Our kiddies are young, we only have these precious fleeting days with them, that is my whole mantra is in my photography and life, yet somewhere along the lines I let it slip, so I am reclaiming it and screaming it from the mountain tops ! So August is ours, no work at all, unplugged, and hopefully travelling, if not abroad at least around the uk. So 4/5 weeks or recharging, reflecting, and totally free time with nothing to do but spend time with the kiddies. I am going to need it by August as our littleO starts school in September and I don’t quite know how I’m going to cope ! I will of always of had little people at home during the day for a month shy of thirteen years by the time Oska starts school. I know a lot of people will be thinking I will be happy, excited, and thinking of all the things I can do, and although I am sure my house will be a LOT cleaner come september, …. well I never did love a clean kitchen !:)

So, that’s that, I know it sounds like a lot but really all I am saying is I am going to try and work normal working hours and not spread myself so thinly. The next 8 months are going to go super quickly and I am going to use this time to officially rebrand and step up my business model a bit, but I will be doing it at my leisure. I had always had so much I wanted to do with my website, my logos, portfolio shoots, things that seem little like the boxes and bags that my products come in, but actually really add the beautiful finishing touches to your experience. I want you to come away from your photoshoot with wonderful memories, and amazing things to say about the whole experience and have never really had the time to focus on all that stuff , so thats what I am going to be doing over the coming months. Please make sure to pop by check in, see what I am up too, see when I have shoots available and everything inbetween.

I am also going to be starting a new referral system over the coming weeks so make sure you check in to see what that’s all about and how you and your friends and family can take advantage of it.

Much love, Bekkie xoxo



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