Contextual research : The role of the education select committee

. The Role of House of Commons Education Select Committee. You tube. 25.01.2013.

THOUGHTS AND POINTS OF ACTION – “The committees job is to look at the policies, administration and the expenditure of the DfE. “”Then we hold oral evidence sessions where we ask questions of a wide range of witnesses””As well as oral evidence we hold private events where we meet young people , parents and others engaged with policy at the front line, and indeed who have to live with the outcomes of those policies at the front line””Hearing from the public makes our enquiries much more valuable so we can produce better reports, and also it is one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of being on the committee”*****

  1. Would it be a ‘policy’ of the DfE that there was a home ed register? OR is this a wider government policy independent of the DfE? In which case, if it were not DfE does that mean it’s not the select committee’s job to even hold this enquiry?
  2. A letter ready to release publicly as soon as the next set of witnesses is called, in anticipation of it not representing a broad range of witnesses (it may well be broad but I think we should have this ready incase?). This should be sent to DfE , PM , (there has to be an ombudsman for the government surely?) media, social media ?
  3. If covid is ‘over’ and the world is opening up , are the select committee going to do a ‘real life’ event where they meet those of us on the front line who these policies are going to effect?


The Role of House of Commons Education Select Committee. 25.01.2013. You tube. Available at (Accessed 03.03.2021)

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