CONTEXTUAL RESEARCH WEEK 10 : You tube content : Ethics

CONTEXTUAL RESEARCH WEEK 10 : You tube content : Protecting the families in my project.

2nd December 2019

In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.




Completing my oral presentation, I noticed you tube has a new policy on uploading imagery with children in it. Something to keep in mind going forward.

I have included on the model releases information about how I foresee I will use images, video and audio I have taken of families, and given them sections to fill in regarding how they wish me to (or not too) refer to them and their children by names.

To understand this project, there is a need to be aware that there is no duty for parents to notify the council if you home educate, under law.

Lots of families go this route, as they do not wish to receive any help from the council, and having just gone through the process myself (our children were in school , all children deregistered from school have their data sent to the local authority elective home education team.) of writing our education report and philosophy , I can attest to it being an extraordinarily long , and distracting exercise , that takes parents away from their children education. I have therefor remained mindful of which images to include in this project, and how the families , specifically the children, have their names displayed in or on any work.

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I welcome the function of having no comments attached to videos, and feel it is a positive set by you tube. Once this module is over and marked, I will putting the video down to restricted view, whereby you need the link to view the video and it will be unsearchable on you tube.

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This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.