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{ Dismaland }

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What can be said about Banksy’s Dismaland that hasn’t already been said? It’s been everywhere, the news couldn’t get enough, and the masses certainly couldn’t ! For what it’s worth though …. here’s our take coming from a homeschooling point of view. We took Bodie and Finnley along the first Monday Dismaland was open to the public, winging it as always, with no tickets and an early start, but even with all the driving, rain, freezing toes (who thinks flip flops is a good idea in rain!), crazy busy holiday masses & being poked in the face by way too many umbrellas waiting to go in, did it ever disappoint for even a second !

Dismal doesn’t even begin to explain what the queue to get in was like. 2.5 hrs of POURING and I mean pouring rain. We were frozen, drenched through, and exhausted by the time we reached the doors.

From the moment we stepped inside our security check though we knew it was going to be more than worth it ! It was like being in some weird freakishly childlike nightmare, nothing quite making sense, but you desperate to absorb every weird and wonderful part of it, everything looking & feeling all a bit Tim burton’esque. I rather unintentionally blurted out a drug lord had packed my bag at the check point, much to the amusement of my teenage son , I then had to spend 5 minuets stood in the naughty corner near enough (without turning away from the *camera*) before being allowed entry. Definitely made us all forget we were cold though !


Of all the paintings, sculptures, installations, models, creations, films, we saw … THIS. This, was the most thought provoking of them all. This is what we have become, even scarier, the irony of what was happening right there, and then, in that point in time, where we were, all we were seeing, it wasn’t lost on us.


Ok so my image of this wooden carousel horse does NOT do it justice. This was the most intricate carving I have ever seen. Perfectly normal in every way on the left hand side, but when you walked around, the right side was all carved out of this old wooden horse, showing in such detail every bone, muscle, everything , it was nothing short of breathtaking, the amount of skill that has to go into thinking, designing, and creating something like this .


Bodie’s favourite piece


Finn’s favourite piece { He became convinced there was some message hidden in the letters somewhere and was trying all kinds of codes to crack it:)} We’re currently collecting boxes for them to have a go at recreating something similar as part of our art topic.

019020021My absolute favourite piece of the whole day, by Laura Lancaster. Laura buys old cinefilm and recreate the images in her beautiful mesmerising style. I literally could of just stood in front of this painting the whole time we were visiting , and have now made it my absolute ambition to own one of her stunning pieces before I die !

023025026027028Never felt so much like an image was getting at the sore spot ! (The ages and sexes of the children may of had something to do with it !!!)


Will be uploading video of this shot soon , when I say it was raining it was REALLY raining !


The kiddies watched black fish recently , and needless to say, this was what formed a large part of our discussions on the way home, and every time we’ve looked through these images since.


038040041044045046048051 052054055

This ^^^^ this is pure, genius. It was monumental in it’s undertaking, and completely didn’t fail to stop you in your tracks and make you think. Finn struggled in there as it was so dark, and the *paparazzi* were full on, but Bodie thought it was brilliant, and it spurred a massive conversation about princess diana, royalty, and exactly what Bodie thinks about the Queen, and the royal family.


This take on the old drive the boats round the pond, sparked so many relevant conversations to the news of all the people fleeing wars at the moment, I couldn’t even begin to put it down here, but lets just say it was such an important , and strong message that was learnt. It definitely helped them understand more of whats in the papers, how the media are portraying the refugees, why we were collecting clothes etc. This visual and the connection of us having ‘power’ over this was so strong !




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