Ethics and individual family’s videos

In the past week I have collected up the last of the consent forms for the project, so each participant has now verbally confirmed consent as well as written consent, and some participants I have written consent twice for (to accommodate the new section I put in referencing the video and audio useage, giving families veto over what I used of that) .

A couple of the families I have had to send out two or three revised videos to as I made adjustments as I wasn’t happy with the final video .

The below is the last iteration of Athene’s family’s video

Graham, Rebecca. 2021. Final iteration of ‘ Athene Tim and Arlo – A musical education ‘

However prior to this I had considered attaching the audio below . I love this audio , what we are talking about, and the unpicking of people’s thoughts and feelings around Home-Education and the reality of what some home-educating parents think and worry about. However, when I tried combining this I didn’t like the way it sat with the images. The conversation was SO interesting, but it was nothing really to do with Athene and her family’s home educating journey, it was full of universal topics, so I decided to delete the audio from the video, and instead to have it as a stand alone audio on the ‘ Heuristic Spaces ‘ page.

Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Audio-file-Athene-and-Bekkie-chatting

This is the first iteration of the video without anywhere near as much audio , it was only 2.5 minuets long as opposed to nearly 5 mins (as the final one is). This is something I am concerned about with this sphere of project, as there is SO much on this page, (with there being so many families in the project), that some people have noted it can be overwhelming, the sheer volume of work. I therefore wanted to try and keep the video’s slightly shorter, however, the more videos I create, the more I find I need longer versions to really get the viewer to know the family and their own personal reasons for home educating, and what that education looks and feels like to their family.

This , I decided was a sacrifice I was willing to make. I am aware that not everyone will look at, read, watch and listen to everything on this page, but thats ok, it is something they can dip in and out of at their own leisure, and return to time and time again.

Graham, Rebecca. 2021. First iteration of ‘ Athene Tim and Arlo – A musical education ‘



Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Audio-file-Athene-and-Bekkie-chatting


Graham, Rebecca. 2021. Final iteration of ‘ Athene Tim and Arlo – A musical education ‘

Graham, Rebecca. 2021. Final iteration of ‘ Athene Tim and Arlo – A musical education ‘

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