fabric wall hangings

I have been designing the wall hangings that are to go in my Falmouth art gallery exhibition in July.

I have decided on 3 , 1.4m x 3.25 m sheer panels at a cost of £126 each.

I decided to go for sheer fabric in the end as a metaphor for the ephemeral , fleeting moments of childhood as these panels will only ‘house’ the images of my own family ‘The Heutagogical Home’ .

These panels are going to hang over the banister in the art gallery, which which have the light from two huge windows shining through it, making the panels somewhat translucent (not entirely as the images are for the most part very dark, so I think the effect will be very subtle) the idea being that the silk will move in the breeze from the doors being open as well as being translucent. This is much more of a nod to parenting than I had originally planned with my own family, however, when I put it up on the wall, it became obvious that this was all it was ever going to be about, about how a home educating parent has to parent differently to parents who’s children are at school.

The panels will consist of

16×12 portrait orientation images

12×8 landscape images

I am ordering from Contrado

Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Contrado

The design for the panels is below.

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