FMP – Copyright Research 12.11.2020

FMP – Copyright Research 12.11.2020

I have been researching the use of newspaper and magazine articles within my FMP, and the corresponding copyright.

My intention being to reproduce screen prints of article headlines relating to Home education.

Below is some information I found relating to useage relating to the guardian and Observer newspapers.

  1. GNM grants you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable, worldwide licence to use, publish and/or transmit GNM content (“Content”) as published in the Guardian and Observer and on website or any affiliate or successor website for the following purposes (“Purposes”):
  • 1.1
    In a short quotation of a maximum of 100 words in length excluding advertising and endorsement purposes; or
  1. You may reproduce a reduced or edited version of the Content, including alterations of the layout of the Content or cropping images to fit the Purposes or contextualising the Content for publication, provided that you preserve the context, meaning and integrity of the Content as originally published by GNM. You shall ensure that any headlines or captions inserted by you to accompany the Content shall accurately reflect the material contained in the Content. For the avoidance of doubt, all other modifications, editing, alterations, or abridgements of the Content other than those expressly permitted under this Agreement are prohibited.
  2. You agree to retain: (i) the by-line(s) on the Content; (ii) the original watermark, metadata and analytics code embedded in the Content; (iii) any disclaimer footnote, correction or other notice that is contained within the Content; and (iv) all links to external websites contained within the Content.
  3. Alongside all uses of GNM content for the Purposes, you shall print an acknowledgement to GNM such as “Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd”.

In addition to looking at news outlets I am also trawling through the department of educations’ guidance of home education for both parents and councils . I am keen to illustrate not only the juxtaposition of the harrowing content of the stories of how some families came to be Home Educating, against the beautiful aesthetics of the imagery of families I have photographed, but also the juxtaposition of the guidance and laws surrounding Home education, and the practices of some councils across England.


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