FMP Project development week 12

FMP Project development week 12


Progress to week 10 –

I have started shortlisting images from previous modules of Cornish home educating families and my own home educating family, to show a range of circumstances connected to the current Home education inquiry by the government education select committee.

I have decided I am going to focus on –

Having a range of images with accompanying audio (potentially video) discussing the reasons people choose to home educate.

Images addressing common myths surrounding home education along with images refuting them

I am organising a community project where families both known and unknown to the local authority take images of everywhere their children have been ‘seen’ over a 7 day period , addressing the ‘safeguarding concern’ touted by the media and government organisations when trying to push for a registration.

Photo emulsion screen prints showing extracts of job adverts for elective home education staff at local authorities, the DfE local authority guidance, the recent education select committee’s oral evidence on the home education inquiry, and the 1996 education act.

Fig 1, A range of images showing the varying reasons families choose home education
Fig 2, Images addressing common myths such as home educated children are ‘invisible’ and pose a safeguarding risk
Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 20.58.50
Fig,3 , Community project illustrating the safeguarding myth of home educated children being unseen/invisible
Fig 4, photo emulsion screen prints
Fig 4, photo emulsion screen prints – acetates


Fig 5, photo Emulsion screen print 1
Fig 5, photo Emulsion screen print – acetates 1



As of week 10 I do not know how I am going to present this work yet. In my RPP I said I was going to form a website where all my many spheres of this project can be bought together in one place , however I am now considering either an online launch, or a in person exhibition covid allowing.

At the moment, I am just going to carry on working through my research and bringing all the different areas of research and imagery together in a way that can be easily translated across different platforms.





Date of Supervision Meeting22-09-2020

Start time of Meeting


Length of Meeting in minutes

40 mins

Meeting Notes & Action Points

*Discussed PK why I am planning on using moving image/audio .

*Discussed Interviews, video and audio, that I already have from past 18months of children, educators and parents.

*Look at carmen winant

*Look at Turner prize 2018 all 5 were film makers.

*W suggested that I look for a video editor to help me.  I’m not sure how I feel about this at the moment. I don’t have any money to pay anyone, and as a professional photographer the idea of using a creative and not paying them/them using it for experience really doesn’t sit well with me. In addition, if I employ someone to do the editing, I loose control. Not of the final product, I understand that I would still be in charge of the final look, but if I do it myself, it is a creation I have put time and energy into. I don’t want my part of my FMP to be just watching /listening to hours and hours of past recordings and giving them to someone else.

*Discussed that there was a risk to moving into moving image/video when I’ve been working with photography so far, but W could understand why I had decided to do that .

*Discussed problems that could arise in relation to audio quality etc

*W suggested that I spend the next couple of weeks researching photographers like Sam Taylor Wood/ Steve McQueen & others that have moved into moving image from photography.

*W thought that this isn’t about motherhood and family interactions, discussed political nature of the project.

* Discussed  feedback from last module about audience, W thought that the audience was everybody not just home educators. 


I plan on spending the next week watching the case studies, and looking at short film/documentaries to explore more what I want to do / get out of FMP , as I am still not convinced about producing a video.

Date of Next Proposed Meeting




Date of Supervision Meeting10.11.2020

Start time of Meeting


Length of Meeting in minutes

30 mins

Meeting Notes & Action Points

*Keep it simple & powerful


*choose 2/3 ways to film/record then shortlist which I will use (audio on own / audio in empty room (I thought wendy said empty womb to start, which strangely may be very fitting!) or close up of head/shoulders of someone talking to camera.

Wendy thought it could be hard to keep people engaged with just audio.  (I suggested I could approach the home ed community to see if they watched the whole of last modules WIP, or if they skipped some of the audio as a form of market research)

*discussed length of interviews (only a few mins each max to keep engagement) and how the question(s) would be formulated to make them not leading.

*suggested 3-6 interviews. I think I will do many more than this, but whittle it down to 4/5 towards the end, to encompass a full range of choices for why people choose alternative education ( philosophical beliefs,  bullying , unmet sen , offrolling, worldschooling/travel etc )

*audio planning

*inner monologue (ref winner turner prize)

*diaristic , stories of why people chose home education

*complexities of getting others to work to my timetable.

This doesn’t worry to much, as the community has shown time and time again throughout my MA  they are dependable and supportive, but especially that they want to get this out in the world for them and their familys as much as for me.

*discussed how the project lends itself to different forms of dissemination, but W, thought I shouldn’t worry too much about this at the moment, but to focus on the structure first.

*briefly discussed ethics of interviewing children and consent/model release from parents

*discussed ongoing visual research, and screen printing of both UK legistlation around Home Education, and tabloid articles on home education. Touched on copyright issues of using magazines/newspapers , which W advised was ok to go ahead with.


We discussed the RPP and how the ideas were there and there was lots of research I just need to refine what I want to do and this will come from the visual research)

we discussed the use of the word “harrowing” in reference to the circumstances that led to people choosing an alternative educational path for their children. W, liked the idea of juxtaposing this against the beautifully lit images .

W, suggested working title “out of the system” .  Interesting concept, for some of these parents there is no system for them to be out of …..

I wonder whether the term ‘unschooled’ would be a good starting point for a title. It can relate to the educational philosophy of unschooling, but at the same time, it is the unschooling of the parents that leads to the decision to home educate. Going deeper, any exhibition or presentation to the public is about the unschooling of the project …



Final plan for next meeting,

Record myself and ‘our’ story for a min or two in different versions –

1) just audio 2) audio over images 3) audio projected into a room 4) filming myself talking on camera.

Take to next session to work through the pieces and see how they flow and +ve/_ve’s

Date of Next Proposed Meeting




Date of Supervision Meeting01.12.2020

Start time of Meeting


Length of Meeting in minutes

30 mins

Meeting Notes & Action Points

My recording stopped half way through of this meeting, so I have very few notes that I wrote down at the time.


* discussed not creating audio recordings as I had been concentrating on the research

* explained to W about the academic group that I am part of that has been set up with MA / Phd / researchers in response to the governments enquiry into home education by the education select committee.

*discussed creating photo emulsion screen prints of extracts of the DfE guidance and LA guidance

*discussed possible public outcomes – W suggested leaving this for a while

* W suggested using the FMP to create ‘well crafted’ interviews / case studies which is inline with my thoughts

* discussed possibility of using the research group as means of collaboration and further work post FMP/MA

* discussed focussing down on my FMP even through working in this research group

* focus on identifying the structure of the interviews/stories


Audio recording of myself discussing our journey of home education

Find parents to record stories of their journeys into home education

Consider and devise structure of interviews

Test with myself and 1/2 others , audio only / video / written transcripts of interviews

wendy’s recommendation (Amy ? )

start researching potential for website or app development. Consider more where I see this work for fmp (website/app/online presentation/book/exhibition) some of this will be answered through progression of covid and where I need to focus my efforts due to potential lockdowns.

Create clear revised dated plan of action until end of FMP to stick too.


Create more secure way of recording meeting as this is the second time that this has happened to me where my recording has stopped half way through.

Date of Next Proposed Meeting



Fig 1, Graham, 2020. screen print emulsions including extracts of government legislation image shared by Kiwi print studio
Fig 2, Images addressing common myths such as home educated children are ‘invisible’ and pose a safeguarding risk
Fig,3 , Community project illustrating the safeguarding myth of hoe educated children being unseen/invisible
Fig 4, photo emulsion screen prints – acetates
Fig 5, photo Emulsion screen print 1 – acetates
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