Below is the recording I made of my presentation that I did for the interim show and tell event at the end of the first block of FMP. Having watched the recording back, I found it very helpful in a few areas, most notably, helping me fine tune where I want my project to go for the remainder of FMP. Secondly, through recording the webinar and watching it back, putting it through iMovie to edit out all the umm’s and ahh’s and technical hitches, it has helped me see where I could of condensed my talk for future presentations of the project.

With regards to the actual presenting , notes I made for future learning and progress on this are –

* I should jot down a note of slides ahead so if you have any technical problems you know the running order of slides

* With each slide write a time frame to talk to each one, this will help me stick to time limits.

* Again with reference to time I went over my allotted time by 1:30 minuets , which to be fair, isn’t ‘too’ bad, but means there’s no time/less time for questions (not that we were doing questions at the end of our presentations on this occasion, but for future events.)

* When talking about the parts I find emotionally charged (discussing cases of abused, wrongly labelled as home educating having an impact by the government/media) I need to stick to the facts, and keep a clear line of information. In my opinion in it fine to show personal feelings, however, when talking about emotionally charged areas, I found that I tended to spiral, which in itself isn’t especially troublesome, but I did noticed when I do that, I tend to leave out key facts that I assume my audience knows, because I am used to discussing this with people within the home ed sphere who know all the same nuances I do and that is problematic.

* As a positive – One thing I did find when watching the recording back was that from an outside perspective, I am obviously very well versed and knowledgeable in my area of study, I definitely sound like I know what I am talking about, and am an authority on what I am discussing. I sound enthusiastic, which sounds obvious, but is good, as there is nothing I personal hate more than going to talk and the presenter not sounding like what they are talking about really sets them on fire and inspires them. 

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