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This week I have continued with my website design, adding three additional pages (exhibitions, talks, and media) tweaking the menu around to accommodate these, and embedding some videos that I created from the heuristic interlude and heuristic spaces projects, as well as working on the portfolio page.

The videos are comprised of combining in iMovie ; recorded audio and video, of conversations and interactions I had with home educating parents, when I did the heuristic spaces project, along with images of the families of those in the audio. The audio/video/images are then overlaid and exported into a movie to add to you tube and imbed into my website.

This week I had a zoom meeting with Sarah from Falmouth art gallery about the potential of running a community workshop for their Home Ed art club (online over zoom whilst in lockdown), with an exhibition of my ‘Heuristic Spaces’ project alongside the displayed community produced images when they reopen.

I also took part in two online peer to peer sessions. The first the cross cohort peer to peer evening session, and the second a peer to peer session with Raeann and Ilya. I didn’t really gain any insights on my own project from the meeting, but it was great to hear more about other peoples projects, meet new people and hear about their projects, and catch up with some of my own cohort on where they were at currently.

I thought about why I didn’t really get any feedback on my project at the main crit, and thought it may be one of, or a combination of, everyone who has children (who do not home educate normally ) being so over homeschooling, that they really don’t want to talk about it at the moment. That the project feels quite resolved so it’s hard to know what to say at that point, as no one wants to say don’t do this, or have you thought of this instead, when it looks like you have made all the decisions. That they just don’t like the images/project idea. Or, simply that it’s just not of that much interest to people , as it is quite niche. I thought about this for a while, and my end decision was actually that it doesn’t much matter which the answer is. The project is being produced for people interested in or involved in Elective Home Education, and the feedback from that community has been amazing, as well as from portfolio reviews I have had with the likes of Brett Rogers director TPG , Martin owner of Hoxton mini press , and photographer Jenny Lewis , so I know I am on the right track with the work.

My other thoughts were, when I talk about my project I am very bam, bam, bam ,…. it’s so much of an onslaught of information I think it can be hard to process. In which case I definitely need to work on that. I think having specific questions to ask can be a help here as well, so that people don’t feel like there is SO much , just one question will help me with any answers to questions I have myself, and may open up dialogue more about the work. This was somewhat confirmed when I had my peer to peer meeting with Ilya and Raeann on Friday. Both of them said that the website looks fab on first impressions, but they would like to have time to go off and look at the website in depth and then come back to me with any advice, as it is SO big that its hard to be able to give advice on such a large project just in one meeting. I specifically asked if they could give me their advice on whether I should keep the projects pages as JUST the images, or whether I should have the exhibitions, media and publications about each project included on the project pages. My personal preference would be to delete them from these pages and just have them in the relevant sections on the menu tab pages , as I think they look messy all combined together, but I wanted to hear other valued opinions on this.

Ilya got back to me today with some great advice saying she thought instead of having the links to the individual pages as a drop down link as it is currently, I should have all the projects on one page with squares for each, and then you go into those to each project. I think this is a really good idea as it means that visitors to the page can see that they are all one project and I can have an overall artist statement for the whole project before going into each other the individual projects, which each have their own artist statement. Her advice was inline with my own thoughts, to keep the project pages just as images and keep the talks and workshops totally separate . She also thought I should find a different work to projects so I am going to look into that as well.

I have contacted Laia Abril about a possible 1-2-1 session today as well. I have seen her work exhibited in the photographers gallery, attended a couple of her talks online and in person and really value and admire the way she presented her topics of on abortion and on rape , such hard subjects that effect so many people but are not talked of in such an open way usually. I am really interested in her ability to convert an immersive exhibition such as on abortion into an equally impressive and engrossing book. I think she has achieved this bridge between the two seamlessly, and have looked ot her work lots for inspiration for my own work which is based on similar chapters. I’m interested in hearing her thoughts on how my project works together, and how she sees it being disseminated especially.

My thoughts on where I am going in the next week is to continue sorting through all the hours and hours of audio and video I am currently going through, and to get another couple of videos up on the website before my meeting with Wendy this week. I am planning on sending W, the links to a couple of the pages so that she has the chance to look through them before we meet , so as to make the most of my time with her, as I am starting to feel the pressure now as the weeks are falling away quickly.

I have a meeting with Jo Merrett who is studying for her PhD at exeter university tomorrow morning , regarding designing a leaflet including my image(s) to promote an academic zoom meeting that is being held in march. The idea is for a group of academics producing research into home education to come together via zoom, each talk about our projects and research for ten minuets and then to send this recorded video off to all the local authorities across the U.K , as well as the select committee and other agencies. This was thought of by Jo and a fellow researcher Harriet in response to local authorities, ofqual and the government always saying that they “don’t have the figures” and that there is no research into home education.

On Sunday I also have another group meeting with the Home Education alliance ( comprised of Home education charities, home ed alumni, academics and legal representatives ) to discuss where we are all at with our various tasks, and to discuss our next steps.

On friday evening I also took part in a zoom focus meeting for the DfE/Ofqual on exams and the effect of covid on elective home educated children taking GCSE’s and A-levels. This meeting will help inform ofqual/DfE on how best to proceed this year in respects of EHE children taking their exams, and what does and doesn’t work for them.


Abril. Laia, ‘On Abortion’ Available at (Accessed 29.01.2021)

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