Disillusionment & Delectation { A personal photography project on alternative education }


{ A personal photography project on alternative education } 

a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.
pleasure and delight.


After four years of being a home educating mom of 4 , I am starting a personal project documenting home educating families across the U.K. as a way of looking at all the many and different ways in which families who home educate/ home school / world school do so.
There’s been a lot of talk on and off over the last few months in the media about home education, and much of it has been full of twisted representations of the real, to sensationalise what is just another way of educating, a different way of living in some aspects of life, it’s a deviation of the ‘norm’ , not abnormal as it has been presented in numerous articles.

I am looking for a cross representation of families across the uk who’s children don’t attend main stream schools to be photographed in their every day learning environment , however you choose to educate , be it through unschooling, curriculum led learning, radical unschooling, clubs, group meets, child led learning, strewing, school at home set ups, growing vegetables, building worlds in minecraft, pen pals in other countries, days out, days in, travelling the world, all of it, none of it, some of it in-between. I want to illustrate that it’s all different, all the same, and all absolutely wonderful, and a totally viable and worthy way to educate and live, to highlight the beauty in every scenario and family, to show how proud we are of what we as families achieve everyday.

If you are interested in being a part of the project please message me on here or email me at info@bambino-art.co.uk . You will need to be happy with images being shared online and signing model releases and I’m really hoping to get a few words or quotes to go along with each photograph / series of images, either from the parents or children, these don’t have to be thought out at all, and will more come from just chatting during the photoshoots. Photoshoots will take place during your everyday lives, documenting your family just as life would normally play out, no staged images. I will come along and photograph your family at a day and time to suit and we can chat about how your family works and what you feel would be a good representation of how you live your everyday lives and combine education into that. Names don’t have to be shared if you don’t want too, nor does where you are in the country !  Every family taking part will receive a selection of complimentary high res images to print from at home, and share online.
Any questions send me a message.
Much love

My boy ….. learning all about arthur ransome, swallows and amazons, boats, islands, weather, geography, cooking on campfires, playing with his siblings, building his own island and claiming it for his own at Lake windermere this summer <3




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