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Yesterday I spent the evening re-editing Saskia and her family’s video. The below is the original , which focussed on a small part of mine and Saskia’s conversation we had at her house during her photoshoot, about the national curriculum.

Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Saskia on the National curriculum

The video worked, but I made it at the start of this journey of creating videos and I by far prefer what I am creating now.

These were extremely insightful to how home-educators think and feel, but they were snippets of conversation that could have been said by any family, any person.

What I wanted for this project, was to show the realities of these families, their individual ways of experiencing education in their homes, however after talking to Hilde in one of the previous peer-to-peer sessions, I realised I wasn’t getting this right. I was nervous of showing too much, protective of these parents and their families, many of whom are my friends, so I didn’t want to share large pieces of our conversations that were never recorded with the view to sharing them in the public domain. These sessions were recorded for me, to use for quotes or to listen back through to remember things I discussed during them, insights into my own thoughts and feelings on home-education. When I experimented with using these audio recordings and video recordings, it was just that, an experiment, and although I have given veto of the use of any and all of the video and audio to the families in them, and have adjusted my consent forms, I was still apprehensive about using them in such large amounts.

However the families have given full and informed consent and I have edited the recordings heavily so that they include no private or personal information, or parts of our conversations that if the situations were reversed I may not want in the public domain. I have kept the minimum amount of information in them , and they are solely about showing the pedagogical beliefs of each individual family, even if this isn’t apparent to those who are not home-educators on first watch, I want people to watch these videos with open minds as to what education ‘can’ look like. Maths can be taught by tutors, through videos, workbooks, or hands on activities like monopoly, and baking.

I believe this is what this new video shows in a much more in-depth, personal and genuine way. A complete story, rather than snippets. .

Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Saskia and Family on maths, monopoloy and the National Curriculum.
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