Project Development

I have been invited by Jo Merrett of Exeter University’s centre for Home Education research to present some of the images from my project as both slides and leaflet image for the centre’s upcoming presentation where academics discuss the current academic research taking place into elective home education.

In order to decide on the main conference’s aesthetics for the leaflet, I have compiled a set of images on online album pixieset to choose from for the main image for the leaflet.

The brief was – to find an image or images that convey the strength and unity within the home education community, as well as how important education is for our children, how well and safely it can be done.

Fig 1, Graham, Bekkie 2021. Title page. Pixieset
Fig 2, Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Image selection. Pixieset.


Pixieset. Jo select committte leaflet possibilities. 2021. Available at (Accessed 31.01.2021)

Fig 1, Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Title page. Pixieset.

Fig 2, Graham, Bekkie. 2021. Image selection. Pixieset.

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