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I emailed the below to my tutor Wendy yesterday regarding a name change for my project. Wendy had suggested that ‘A Heuristic study’ wasn’t right for the project. I understood her point, that the word heuristic was problematic. It was a point that Brett Rogers (TPG) made when I met her last year as well ; that the word grabbed her attention and intrigued her, but for some that would put them off.

The new name is a compromise of sorts as you ca see below –

Hi Wendy , a little update …. I’ve renamed the project ….

To explain, I was having an internal battle 😉. I knew (in my heart) that the project should be called ‘Unschooled’, but I am vary wary of putting the word ‘school’ anywhere near my work , because of the connotations obviously. 

Unschooled is a pedagogical philosophy/method that is essentially child-led learning . 
My battle was with the fact I will be using the word that to the home ed community won’t make the most sense, as the whole point is some of these kids are unschooled and some aren’t , but I know that it will open up any potential book market much wider and make a lot more sense to the wider photography/art market.

So it is now –

‘A Heuristic Study‘ 

I am happy with this new title, and see it working in both exhibition and publication formats, whilst being obvious enough for those unconnected to the home-ed community, whilst being relevant to the community the project is about. Hopefully they forgive me for vitiating the term !

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