Socio-political art

” Socio-Political art is used to help the public understand a particular social or political issue. ” (Chicago gallery news ; 2021)

Upon entering the PHmuseum 2021 grant award earlier today, it became necessary for me to tag my project submission. Along with the obvious education, home-education, homeschooling, I added the tag of socio-political art. It is a category I have been somewhat apprehensive about adding to my title. I do not want to alienate people from the work , mostly the home-educating community. The home-educating community know all to well the huge bias and challenges we face as a community (see my next post on PORTSMOUTH HOME ED GROUPS JUDICIAL REVIEW CHALLENGE) , and as much as I want to address this, I do not want to alienate my core demographic so all people see is a political fight. I also strongly feel this project is about celebration, and unification, it is about beauty and joy, and to attach a socio-political tag to the project , it somewhat erasing that I feel, even if ultimately, this is what the project is.


Chicago gallery news. Socio-Political. Available at (Accessed 17.02.2021)

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