Sustainable prospects project development week 5 – 1 on 1 tutorial

Sustainable prospects project development week 5 – 1 on 1 tutorial

In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.

13th November 2019




***Note added 04/12/19  (this was the first date 25/10/19) that I bought up the subject of going in-depth over long periods of time, with individual families, instead of photographing multiple families for a module .

In week 5 I also had my first 1 on 1 with Laura for the module as well. This went really well, and it was very useful and helpful to be able to go through the images I had produced so far, and t this point I had only photographed the first three families for the project.
I discussed how each photoshoot at that point was making me want to take the project in a different direction , depending on each families shoot and how it went, and the families varying educational methods were impacting me.
I discussed how the paradox was, I was trying to photograph varying educational styles , but how those varying educational styles were making me want to go off in different directions for the project, and how it was hard to keep one linear focus, at the time of writing this I am in week 8, and this is still happening, but in a slightly more focused way at least.

During this webinar I also first bought up how it was a concern of mine that I was photographing so many families, on so many different days and consequently the light and colours would be different in each photoshoot. So *HOW* was I going to collate this into one unified body of work that flowed well together?

We discussed my inbuilt  thoughts were that as long as I felt that my photographic voice was contained within my images, and that my photographic vision was within them, then the images would fit well together, even being taken of different families, in different houses, with different light.

We then went through the images, and these were the ones that Laura highlighted that she felt had captured something special. These are all unedited straight out of the camera as Laura saw them.

This first one she felt was interesting as it was a bit wrong and a bit right, was unexpected and captured the home education, the community, and the learning.

horse_ridingexpectations of myself when I go to each photoshoot, and Lauras

She also liked that I was including the detail shots as well.

She really liked this one, that showed the interaction and that you could literally see the kids brains working which is incredible. Like myself, she wasn’t sure about kyms eyes being closed, but it works, it’s what happened in the moment, and she was happy so it is what it is.


This image Laura also really loved, that it was like a painting, that although it was obviously natural, it was like they were had been set there it was so perfect the engagement and interaction, even down to the baby, and Kym scratching her face, having those parts in there that aren’t necessarily what you would want to see in a picture perfect image, add to the story.


Laura said of the below image that she loved this one, how much was going on in the image with Meg in the front, her concentration, Kym breastfeeding in the background.


We also looked at the photograph I took in the woods of all the trees. I picked it out as I really liked what it conveyed, not necessarily this image is a good image in how it was composed, because actually I think the composition is quite weak, but what it conveyed. It reminded me of all the children I am photographing, and that quote big oaks from little acorns grow, of what we are trying to give to our children, and how we are nurturing them.  Laura thought that what I should do is if I like this idea, is to go to the woods in the morning or at some time and spend time in the woods, getting the perfect shot, rather than just using this shot, to actually invest that time there. I would really like to try doing this, I haven’t managed yet between weeks 5 and 8 , but hopefully I can give myself a morning off from everything else to do that.

tehidy_woods Laura really liked this image, and thought it worked, even though I was concerned that the colours didn’t work because of the available light.rogue1She also agreed that the beetlejuice dancing images worked, that you could see that it was unexpected learning , it was myseterious, exciting, the lighting was beautiful, and she thought these ones especially would work really well with some of the photoshoots of the other families.


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This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.