Week 0 – Far & Wild Gallery exhibition 01-06-2020

Week 0 – Far & Wild Gallery exhibition 01-06-2020

On 10th May 2020 I found out I had won one of the 10 spots for the FAR AND WILD OPEN CALL EXHIBITION 2020.

The open call was for anyone currently in education or recent graduates within the last 5 years across the whole of the South-West. 

The exhibition which was originally planned for the studio, had to be put online because of Coronavirus. Alicia, owner of the gallery held an opening night party with all the winners , gallery owner, and judges via zoom , and the exhibition ran from the 21st-31st May 2020. 

he below is a screen shot of my images that Alicia chose to showcase.



Week 0 - Far & Wild Gallery exhibition 01-06-2020

Week 0 – Far & Wild Gallery exhibition 01-06-2020



Some really interesting things came from this opportunity, I met Alicia Livingstone, gallery owner at Far and Wild, which was great, as well as the two judges Kerry Harding from St Ives school of painting, and artist Henrietta Dubrey, alongside the other 9 winners of the open call. It was really good to build new connections within the industry and specifically within Cornwall. 

It also gave me an opportunity to look at how much I wanted to price prints at (I chose £100 an image, as a low but fair starting fee), whether to do unframed or framed (I went for unframed because of coronavirus and people not being able to collect images from the gallery) , as well as sizes of editions (I went for roughly a4 size , as I felt the images I and Alicia chose were best suited to a medium size image) . 

I was really very proud that I had been chosen to take part in this. My photography was very different from the types of art the other winners were creating, and that shocked me. However just like JENNY LEWIS SAID HERE , this is the perfect time to be discussing home education, and alternative education with everyone being at home because of Covid, which again reiterated something Natasha had said in the connectivity workshop, about success within the industry not just being having the best work, but being in the right place, right time, right people, with the right things going on in the world at the time.

This is something Justine Kurland touched on in her ICP talk on May 21st 2020. when she originally created GIRL PICTURES’ it was disseminated int he context of her being a Yale graduate, who studied under Gregory Crewdson, and was creating large staged tableaux, now, 20 years later, it is being disseminated off the back of the ME TOO movement, and means a totally different thing, to a totally different generation. This is a really interesting paradigm, and something I constantly think of with reference to my own work. We will never know if we are on the cusp of an educational revolution, I would hope Coronavirus will bring change within the educational world, but the cynic in me says it won’t. However, if it did, my images would mean something totally different in 10/20/30 years time with a totally different educational structure, to what they do now.



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