Vitriol 2 – R.Halfon & Wendy C.W – Oral session 2 – education select committee

Vitriol 2 – section 1
Vitriol 2 – section 2

On 23.03.21 the education select committee ran the second live streamed oral session into elective home-education. The below is an extract from that meeting, where Robert Halfon (chair) interrupted Wendy Charles Warner, (expert called witness from Education Otherwise) no less than 14 times in under 5 mins. Not listening, or hearing his expert witness, jumping in, interrupting, accusing her of being misleading, and being generally highly unprofessional, whilst maintaining SATS are “absolutely for the children.” (Halfon)


Education Committee. Tuesday 23 March 2021. Recording home education enquiry oral session two. Available at (Accessed 27.03.21)

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