Week 1 Summary 02.06.2020

Week 1 Summary 02.06.2020

A recent intro I wrote for one of my projects within the MA that was published that gives a good background into what my practice is about  …..

Bekkie Graham is a photographic artist working on the overlapping themes of childhood, education and motherhood. Her project ‘The Heutagogical Home’ focuses on families who are home educating in Cornwall, aiming to highlight the many personal, political, and philosophical reasons families choose alternative education, and the many ways in which it is experienced.


My practice throughout the entirety of the MA has centred around alternative education. Approaching the project from a personal perspective, as a home educating mum of four children.

For my project this module I am going to be researching families who were not home educating before lockdown, but have since, after being thrown into home education, as opposed to making the conscious decision to home educate, decided that they are now going to continue home educating for various reasons. I am planning at the moment, to use a mixture of audio recording, moving and still imagery, to discuss and explore this, but am , of course, open to where the project leads me.



If you did the Ed Ruscha challenge assigned during the holiday, post your outcome in the forum below. You may wish to share this as a single image, a set of stills or as a video. Post a short summary of your experience, how you responded to the task, and why.


The aim of this task is to produce a series of images as a small book, inspired by one of Ed Ruscha’s. You have complete freedom to respond to this task in any way you wish (it does not have to be related to your research project) but it must be in response to one, or possibly even all, of Ruscha’s books. In approaching the task, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Will you work with Ruscha’s subjects (ie gas stations) or an interpretation of them? - My response was a interpretation of the books 26 gasoline stations/10 palms
  • Will you take the photographs yourself or will you ask others to do it for you? – I created and took them myself
  • Will you present your images, as a bound book or another format? Will it be printed or digital? I presented as a digital book on Issuu, mostly because of time constraints as I staged the scenes, took the photographs, edited and compiled them all in one day. 
  • How does the ‘container’ for your images affect our reading of them, as well as Ruscha’s work? Reading on Issuu the images are too small to read some of the text unless you full screen them. Even at full screen some of the text is hard to read , in print this could of been avoided as you would of been able to play with colours etc in the printing process. 
  • Will you describe the images through captions or statement, or is there another way? I didn’t include text at all as I wanted the images to speak for themselves. Also these were in some instances, very private issues that I didn’t want to explain. On reflection I wish I had included the ages of myself and my children when we had these things said to us, as I think it would of strengthened the project.



My book - ’Nine things teachers said, and one they didn’t. There’s an endemic going on.’  (Links to an external site.)

Using the format of Ruscha’s books, but focusing on my own areas of interest ; Education, parenting, the home environment and childhood, I have created a book to promote thought , to open a dialogue on how people in positions of authority talk to children . Every year on forums, I witness parent after parent coming to alternative education, who’s children have been nothing short of bullied by the very people meant to build them up, inspire them, and protect them. With this book I would question, why it is that we allow this systematic bullying of our children?


Images. Graham, Rebecca. June 2020.


Graham, Rebecca. 2020. Nine things teachers said, and one they didn’t, Theres an endemic going on. Issuu. Available at https://issuu.com/ukbirthphotographer/docs/bekkie2/22 (Accessed 03.06.2020)


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