Week 10 – Heutagogy/Pedagogy/Andragogy definitions

Week 10 – Heutagogy/Pedagogy/Andragogy definitions

Earlier in my CRJ I wrote about how I decided the name of my WIP this module with be ‘THE HEUTAGOGICAL HOME’. 

It is important for this project that the theory behind heutagogical education is understood. It is a concept that underpins the whole theory behind our way of life and our children’s education. It is not simply a method of educating, but a way of living and parenting for us, that helps define us as a family, and our own personal story. Although we do study traditional subjects with our children, they are never expected to do anything they do not with too, they are free to follow their interests in any way and in any direction that they choose and we facilitate that learning. We support them setting their own goals, paths and ideals and facilitate that where we can.

Last week I had a portfolio review with Bryony & Roz from Miniclicks and something they bought up is how although my statement of intent was good they had to google a lot of the words and it was quite technical. I have decided therefore to start of the book with the definitions of heutagogy / pedagogy and autonomous education.

I found this really good graphic that shows the difference in how the forms of education work


Fig 1, pedagogy-heutagogy-compared


The definitions outlined are as follows -

Pedagogy -

Heutagogy – Otherwise known as self-determined learning, is a student-centered instructional strategy that emphasizes the development of autonomy, capacity, and capability. “Heutagogy (pronounced hyoo-tuh-goh-jee) is a term derived from the Greek word heuriskein. According to Graham R. Parslow, “Heureskein is the Greek verb to discover and underlies the etymology of the word heuristicthat is defined as a method of teaching by allowing students to discover for themselves. Deriving from the same Greek root, the term heutagogy was coined in 2000 by Hase and Kenyon to describe self learning independent of formal teaching.” (Schoology.com)

The following from schoololgy.com is a good outline of the difference between heutogogical learning and pedagogical learning.

The Differences Between Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy

Whereas pedagogy is teacher-led learning and andragogy is self-directed learning, heutagogy takes an approach that’s different from both. In pedagogical environments, teachers determine what students will learn and how they will learn it. Students rely on their teacher and learn topics in the order in which they are presented. In contrast, students in andragogical environments use the teacher as a mentor or guide, but aim to find their own solutions to the tasks the teacher sets.

Meanwhile, the heutagogical approach encourages students to find their own problems and questions to answer. Instead of simply completing the tasks teachers assign, these students seek out areas of uncertainty and complexity in the subjects they study. Teachers help by providing context to students’ learning and creating opportunities for them to explore subjects fully. (Schoology.com)

Consider this: the overall purpose of pedagogical oriented teaching is scaffolding—or teaching basic skills as a foundation for future experiences. For andragogical oriented teaching, the goal is to establish some structure so learners can be self-directed. But, for heutagogical oriented teaching, the purpose is to establish an environment where learners can determine their own goals, learning paths, processes, and products. The learner is at the center of the learning process, rather than the teacher or the curriculum. (Schoology.com)

As the image below illustrates, heutagogy requires the most student maturity and the least instructor control. Pedagogy, on the other hand, is on the opposite end of the spectrum.






Fig 1, pedagogy-heutagogy-compared

Fig 2, https://www.schoology.com/blog/heutagogy-explained-self-determined-learning-education




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