Week 10 : Responding to photographs. Sally Mann & Tierney Gearon

Week 10 : Responding to photographs. Sally Mann & Tierney Gearon




{ Falmouth University MA in photography – CRJ }

In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.


So heres an interesting story. My boys are at their Japanese lesson. I am in Mcdonalds waiting for them, with my two other children. The kids are playing on their games. I am working. I took a photograph for my IG feed, where I am sharing the reality behind HOW I am managing to get this MA work done, whilst home educating four children, and running my own business.

This is basically a light hearted feed, showing me working in places ranging from hospitals, to my bed, to mcdonalds, kids usually in tow.

But today …. today I uploaded and then deleted the image I had taken of me reading the sally Mann interview in the NYT off of IG ; because WHAT would my peers think of me having this article open in Mcdonalds ? Is this appropriate. Forget about Mann’s photographs for a second, is just the act  of viewing these images that accompanied this article, in Mcdonalds with families around appropriate. Ironic given I was indeed surrounded by families, and that is the subject of Mann’s photographs.

I stopped watching the video.

Because although faced towards the window, I became acutely aware of a feeling within me, that actually, this wasn’t appropriate. Thats not to say it is or it isn’t appropriate, just what it felt to me. I have sally Manns book Immediate family. I adore her images. I question her forethought definitely in publishing some of them, Yes I believe they are art, and beautiful, but quite simply I wouldn’t publish images like that of my children. But context, was the world the same in the 80′s and 90′s as it is now?

In a Mcdonalds where every single table is full of parents, grandparents, and children, where all would of taken images of their kids in baths, playing in the garden with sprinklers, chasing each other naked around the house, akin to Mann’s I had this overriding feeling…

This just was just not appropriate.

and that, as an artist, and as a mother is scary.


Mann, Sally. The New York times. April 16th 2015. first accessed 06-08-2019

Sally Mann New York times article 2015


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