Week 2 contextual research 06.02.20

Week 2 contextual research 06.02.20 , clare gallagher , second shift

On her website Clare Gallagher describes her work the second shift as -

“The Second Shift is the term given to the hidden shift of housework and childcare primarily carried out by women on top of their paid employment. It is physical, mental and emotional labour which demands effort, skill and time but is unpaid, unaccounted for, unequally distributed and largely unrecognised.

Hidden in plain sight and veiled by familiarity and insignificance, the second shift is largely absent from photographs of home and family. This work is an attempt to recognise the complexity and value of this invisible work. It is a call for resistance to the capitalist, patriarchal and aesthetic systems which ignore it.” (Gallagher)

Her work has been written about her in the guardian here by Sean O’Hagan. in the piece entitled even dust can be interesting. 

clare gallagher , second shift

Figure 1, Gallagher, Clare.  Second shift. ( Clare Gallagher.co.uk )

Clare Gallagher Second shift available here




O’Hagan, Sean. 05.01.20 . The guardian. Even dust can be interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/jan/05/even-dust-can-be-interesting-clare-gallagher-photographs-housework  (accessed 06.02.20)


Figure 1, Gallagher, Clare. Second shift. ClareGallagher.co.uk screen shot of gallery view). https://www.claregallagher.co.uk/the-second-shift (Accessed 06.02.20)



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