Week 2 – webinar review 06.02.20

Week 2 – webinar review 06.02.20

In the webinar this week you will discuss how aspects of the ‘real’ and the iconic, indexical and symbolic characteristics of the photograph (as sign) are relevant to your own practice. You will informally present your thoughts and relevant examples of your practice to your peers and tutor. Contextualise your reflections with other relevant visual material and critical ideas.

To prepare for the webinar you might : 

Think about any aspects of this week’s sessions that have influenced your own photographic practice 

Consider the edit of your  photographic practice – how have you photographed the same scene in different ways?

Reflect on how the meaning might change given the different visual choices you have made

How do you aim for your practice to be received / interpreted in the light of this


At this weeks webinar with Sarah this evening I presented an overview of my ideas, and where I am with my project development at the moment. I presented the below image which was a compilation of my thoughts and research for my project so far, and specifically my ideas for my first tableaux image, which will be based on a real life event that happened to my family, and was a catalyst to our children being removed from mainstream education to be home educated.  I wrote about this on my post here , but the basic premise is, in my sons school they had a star chat to reward nice things the children did or said, good work etc etc , all the children in the class had stars on the chart at parents evening, apart from my son, who had none. He had made himself so invisible to the teacher, she didn’t even notice something to blindingly obvious, she was so overstretched she had no time to look at the very methods she was implementing to judge their merit and success, and so it was the final nail in the coffin of our families journey in mainstream education. 

The image top left is the rough sketch that shows the set I plan to create of a star chart and school chair, using my living room as a studio space. The idea being to recreate a tableaux scene , that will hopefully show the depth and complexities and how they were juxtaposed with the simplicities of the situation.  The top middle image shows my living room which has just been newly plastered. I plan to use this in the images as barring the convenience of having a light , empty room, I am very attached and drawn to the symbolism here of having a tactile mouldable thing from the earth, that you can take your time and effort over, and do your best, but essentially it’s all a bit of trust that have you have to leave down to the fates at some point, and hope you did your part right.  Middle left is Thomas Demands 2006 ‘Tavern’. Middle row middle image and right image are photographs I took on my iPhone as test ideas for images taken from outside our house looking in on the evenings which is one idea I intend to implement. The bottom row are images of Gregory Crewdson’s that I have been researching for inspiration on symbolism, cinematic lighting, and stage direction. 

I discussed how the weeks reading has influenced both my process for creating these images, and not just how, but also the way I am deciding what I will photograph, how that will translate into image, and how it will be potentially deconstructed, and how this will or could be different to my previous images of the same theme, but constructed in a totally different way (documentary images).


Week 2 - webinar review 06.02.20

Week 2 – webinar review 06.02.20


I explained to Sarah and the other students that really I was  just looking for one thing from this weeks webinar, that was that I was looking for recommendations for any photographs specifically working in tableaux or scenes of domesticity that they could recommend to me. I have looked at quite a few already, but once thing I am finding about the MA, is that the breadth of knowledge, and the smaller known photographers and artists that people randomly know about, is such a gift, that shared knowledge is wonderful. I was especially interested in any artists working in painting or sculpture or moving image that Sarah may know of that she thought could help inform my work more . Below is the list of practitioners that the other students very kindly recommended for me to look at.


Hans Withoos - http://hanswithoos.com/gallery/phillip-gavriel-prive/ (I especially loved this one)

Edward Kienholz - https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/edward-kienholz-3068

Cristina Nunez - https://www.cristinanunez.com/projects/

Laurie Simmons - http://www.lauriesimmons.net/photographs

Michael Paul smiths’ Elgin park - http://www.visitelginpark.com

Erwin Olaf - https://www.erwinolaf.com/art/rain_2004

Natasha Caruna - https://www.natashacaruana.com (I am adding this in as I was looking at her work earlier myself and found it very inspiring in how she is discussing, female identity intertwined with love, romance, relationships, and the voyeristic nature of her images as well) 

Clare Gallagher is another artist I was looking at earlier today as well https://www.claregallagher.co.uk




Image 1 : Untitled from Beneath the Roses, 2005 . 57” x 88”, 144.8cm x 223.5cm – © Gregory Crewdson Sourced from ABC. Crewdson untitled. 03.01.2012. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/archived/artworks/crewdson—untitled—sunday-roast-28gregory-crewdson29-5brn/3757018 (Accessed 06.02.20)

Image 2 © Gregory crewdson Untitled beneath the roses 2, 2007. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/archived/artworks/crewdson—untitled—birth-28gregory-crewdson29-5brn-artwor/3756990 (Accessed 06.02.20)


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