Week 2 Weekly Webinar 09.06.2020

Week 2 Weekly Webinar/Forum preparation  09.06.2020 

Prior to the webinar we were invited to discuss our current practice, and project plans, and where we were at with our current research. underneath the webinar feedback and notes is my response to that forum.

I had a really positive first webinar with Cemre, where she was very encouraging of my project, and the direction I was going in, along with the political possibilities of it making an impact. She also thought it was very positive that it hasn’t been done before. We discussed the below (from the forum), including what I had done in previous modules, as well as where I envisaged my work going this module. Cemre was very encouraging of using the quotes from the likes of Boris Johnson, Ofqual and Gavin Williamson last module and said that it would be to continue this route if possible. She also thought that it would be a good thing to continue to focus on why the parents made these decisions, why they would do that, the complexities of making that decision.



As I haven’t started photographing this module yet , but have instead been researching my chosen subject for this module, I am going to show what I have done in previous modules instead. For myself, all the modules on the MA overlap into what will become part of one larger body of work for the FMP.

My practice centres around alternative education. I am creating a visual representation of alternative education, what that encompasses, how it is facilitated, and why families choose a path outside of mainstream education .

I am creating this for two reasons. Firstly, as a visual guide for parents looking to educate outside of the mainstream education system, as there is no visual representation of this readily available, so it is hard when initially starting out along this path, to know what that education ‘can’ potentially look like. Secondly, for a visually informative aid for those interested in the psychology of how children learn, and the many ways in which learning happens. My audience for this project overlapping three different groups of people, the above, and the art world. 

In module one (P&P), I photographed a worldschooling (Links to an external site.) family, my own home educating family, and an educational group my youngest son attends, to explore what I wanted to show, and how I wanted to show it within the MA.


Figure 1.

 p & p

In module two (S.P), I photographed 18 home educating families in Cornwall, to show the many different ways that home education can be delivered/facilitated/supported. 


Figure 2


In module three (I.C) , I photographed my own home educating family, as it is important for myself and for the community, that this project is being produced by somebody in the community, for the community. I illustrated via a photobook, through images and quotes, my four children’s journeys through my two younger children being unschooled, and my two older sons studying for GCSE’s and A-levels, only for those exams to be cancelled for this year because of Covid, and the subsequent failure of the government, education secretary, and governing bodies, to protect home educated children like my own, as they had their schooled counterparts.


Figure 3.


This module I am going to be creating a multimedia project encompassing moving and still imagery, along with audio of interviews, following the stories of families that were not home educating before lockdown, but due to various emotional, social, political and physical reasons have now chosen to continuing to home educate for the long term. At the moment I am in the research stage of this, and do not anticipate to be creating any imagery for the next couple of weeks, whilst I arrange social distanced photoshoots, create online questionnaires and conduct interviews over zoom with these families.

I have three online zoom interviews with families this week, which I will be recording and transcribing as well. 



Figures 1, Graham, Rebecca. 2019. Static

Figure 2, Graham, Rebecca. 2019. Athene & Arlo

Figure 3, Graham, Rebecca. 2020. The Heutagogical Home , photobook page layout. 

 What is worldschooling. Time4learning. Available at   https://www.time4learning.com/homeschooling-styles/worldschooling.html#:~:text=Worldschooling%20is%20an%20educational%20movement,(ren)’s%20education.  (Links to an external site.)(Accessed 06.06.2020)


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