Week 3 Parent Interview 15.06.2020

Week 3 Parent Interview 15.06.2020


On Tuesday this week I had my second zoom interview with a parent who is either considering continuing home education after lockdown, or has already made the decision this is definitely how they will be educating their children moving forward.


Name – Shelley

Children – 7 years old

Previous plans to home ed – Was originally going to home ed , sent son to red river kindergarten , but wasn’t coping so put son into school. He was in year 1 so should of gone back now.

What have you been doing – First month absolutely nothing. Online school from class at school Monday started using books rather than the computer and it’s going much better, moved space into dining room .

Why have you decided to home ed now ? – Believes virus is bullshit , can’t stand the thought of her son thinking he’s going to infect someone or someone I going 

How do you see your home ed changing after lockdown is over ? Apart from being able to go out and see people she doesn’t think it is going to change that much.

What have the positives been ? Life is so much more laid back . All the school runs and making lunches and rushing about is gone now. Her son is playing more with his toys , before he just wanted to be on the tv and games console all the time, but he is more engaged and has more imagination again. He is much much happier. 

What are you worried about ? As she has had depression before she is concerned about her mental health and if it is stressful , but she is aware of this, so knows what to look for. 


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