Week 3 project development 13.02.20

Week 3 project development 13.02.20

Contact sheets of some documentary images that I took yesterday evening. I have been really struggling with not producing images in a documentary fashion as I normally do, and it has left me feeling quite out of sorts, and like I am floundering a bit.

My original plan this module was to create some constructed scenes , depicting things that have happened to us as a family on our home education journey. This is where the idea of the reward chart scene came from.

However, I decided yesterday that I just needed to start documenting our family again, as it makes me more connected to the project, even if I then go on to construct scenes and don’t use any of these documentary images, I need to stay connected to what I am doing, the questions my work raise, and the narratives they create and discuss.

Below are the contact sheets of the images I captures, I have edited them to show my method of how I shortlisted them, and why, what I was looking for, what worked, what didn’t. This encompassed the light, the colour, the framing, angle, positions, facial expressions.


Untitled_Artwork 2Untitled_Artwork 2Untitled_Artwork 3Untitled_Artwork 4Untitled_Artwork 7

I kept these images below as not only did the lighting work, but also they illustrated a learning , an education happening, maybe not in the traditional sense of what is taught in school but certainly a thing is learnt. Learning how to cut properly with a knife , is for many children, just like telling the time, tying shoelaces, or learning to ride a bike a lengthy and somewhat frustrating business for them. These images below, show that learning in progress. The bottom image also shoes the learning of manners and ‘social etiquette’ , the putting together of a knife and fork after you have finished eating, something that my son has been practicing and reminding himself of, after noticing that all his older brothers and sister do it when we go out for a meal, this is an education by example.

There were many other images that I felt showed the educational value of learning how to sit around a table and have a conversation, how to talk about your day, ask people about theirs, coming together, and enjoying each others company, values, that we try very hard to instil in our children, in an age where everyone is in a hurry, and it’s all too easy to forget to just sit still and enjoy each other . Ultimately I didn’t choose any of these images for the final selection as I thought the others showed an ‘educational outcome’ more clearly.





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