Week 4 Home-Schooling Survey 21.06.2020

Week 4 Home-Schooling Survey 21.06.2020

I received 28 completed questionnaires on survey monkey, both from families who have been Home-Schooling during lockdown and teachers. The purpose being to look for a broad spectrum of how homeschooling has been experienced, whether they felt supported by the school/teachers/parents, and how they had found the child(ren) engagement had gone. To also investigate whether there was any correlation between the work that had been set for the children, their engagement and enjoyment. 

The below is both a collation of this data and the very meaningful quotes that were shared with me by people either via the questionnaire or via private message on Facebook. 

It is worth commenting that this questionnaire is not by any stretch of the imagination scientific. For a start these are all people I know through my work profile account of FB , so straight away I am appealing to a certain demographic of parents, that place value on certain things. 

Also the parents could have felt differently at the start , to when they completed the questionnaire, to at the end of their home-educating family. Also , sometimes, for whatever reason, people aren’t 100% truthful on questionnaires so the results are not only potentially skewed but also misconstrued by myself.

By inserting my own thoughts, by claiming “this quote is more important than another”, I am also skewing the results to my own narrative. 

However, despite all these flaws in the findings, I did find some very interesting insights, and also themes running through the opinions of the people who completed the questionnaires and messaged me with their viewpoints, obviously these need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but what I found was over 11 years old the engagement went up massively,  I am going to summaries my data below.


Week 4 Research & Summary 21.06.2020

Fig 1 , Week 4 Research & Summary 21.06.2020


Below is a list of the most poignant quotes from the feedback forms that I wanted to collate to potentially use for either voice over quotes to slideshows or moving image, or to have as text within my newspaper I am producing this module. This is being shared not as any form, even loosely of scientific research , but as genuine personal feedback, that I felt resonated with me, my project, and/or what the person/people had said was so important ….

“This has made me realise how institutionalised the children are.”

“My Eight year old says she wishes learning hadn’t been invented.”

“New view – I would definitely Home-Educate my younger children, however my elder child needs structure.”

“It doesn’t work when both parents are working.”

“School sets lots of work he doesn’t need to do.”

“It has been an amazing opportunity to find something they are really interested in.”

“They get angry when they can’t do something, but I feel this is good, as we ae there to support them.”

“This has thrown up my own issues about if I am clever enough to teach them.”

“Our school is very small and they have been wonderful.”

“We all benefitted from not rushing around much getting too and from school.”

“It doesn’t feel like the kids missed out academically , but we are sad about the things that can’t be replaced at home.”

“They have not engaged with the work.It’s just not interesting.”

“We have very much enjoyed ourselves. We are not sure which way to turn as of yet.”

“My sons excessive energy is managed better with activities than worksheets. His behaviour is much better.”

“I understand now how much time is wasted in school.”

“School has been very supportive, stressing that mental health is more important than lessons.”

“They have loved having the freedom to choose their lessons and tasks.”

“To me it’s more about keeping a learning ethos going rather than content of what they are learning.” (Year 1 teacher)

“Having previously requested Flexi-schooling and being told it would never be allowed at this school it’s working very well.”

“I know of another local school that has been much less supportive, we are very lucky and extremely pleased with the way our school has done it.”

“I am hoping this pandemic will  give the education system the kick up the backside it needs and realise that education is not all about data.” (Teacher)

“The school were amazing (it’s private) , but we have HATED IT !”

“The emotional reaction to working in a different way and seeing a teacher on a screen instead of school was underestimated.”

“Despite paying for the school, we decided not to do it.”

“She’s had live lessons s though they’re at school everyday. So has been in front of the laptop 9-3:45pm.  We found it was way too much so reduced her classes.”

“She was so reluctant to reduce her classes as she felt like she was failing.”

“This week we have been learning about the swinging sixties and the Beatles, so yesterday I recorded a song with all the kids singing!”

“I am quite enjoying it to a certain extent.”



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Fig 1 , Week 4 Research & Summary 21.06.2020


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