Week 4 Reflective Summary 25.06.2020

Week 4 Reflective Summary 25.06.2020


‘You may also use this opportunity to reflect upon the first four weeks of the module and what they have / haven’t done for your practice.’


I have spent the first four weeks of this module collating research into how covid has effected the Home-educating community in the following areas/ways. The following three areas may seem like they are unconnected but are very much part of the same narrative of how Covid changed education, not just for schooled children , but for those not in the mainstream education systems as well.

  1. Families who were not home educating pre-covid school shut down, that have now decided to continue home educating in the long term after school returns, as an informed decision rather than a necessity.  I have conducted 3 online zoom interviews with families who are going to be project participants so far with another on Saturday. I wrote a survey monkey questionnaire in regards to how home schooling has gone for their families/classes , receiving 40 responses from teachers and parents. I have the first photoshoot for this tomorrow.
  2. I have collated 86 stories of home educated students who were due to sit GCSE / A-Levels exams this summer before they were cancelled. The struggles they have gone through to try and get exam grades predicted for them, the pain and upset, and inequality in how they have been abandoned by our government, and left as post-covid collateral damage. Their continued fight to pursue grades, receive exam refunds, & gain entry to universities and colleges. As part of this I have created a study using video , audio, and imagery of my 18 year old son’s application process to study illustration at Falmouth. Documenting the process of how one applies to university with no A-levels and how it played out for him.
  3. I organised and ran a zine workshop on zoom with 30  home educated children. Discussing with them what a zine was, what they were used for, examples of zines, via video and imagery, facilitating their educational journeys and explorations to making their own zines and pieces of art in response to the phrase “Your Home-Education” to be produced into a collaborative publication. I am due to collect the works this week and am aiming to design and order the newspapers by week 6. I am hoping to run a socially distanced exhibition in my garden before the end of the module where I will show images from previous modules as well as this. The zines will be there to hand out to each of the participant families to keep. I have decided to self fund this as a way to give back to the community that continually supports me and my studies, and never fails to answer questions, surveys, shout out, or references. Without them my projects would be impossible, and this is my way of saying thankyou.

In addition to each of these individual outlets I have been keeping on top of mainstream media articles, podcasts, interviews, and summits to do with education, exams, government advice and guidance regarding schooling and education. As well as the parliamentary oral sessions that you can listen to on the debates and questions surrounding Ofquals guidance on moving forward with exams in the 2021 exam season. I have research in every tab of my mac, notes in my phone, newspaper articles piled on my floor, and highlighted survey print outs on every surface. This week I have started organising and collating all of it, which has really helped me see what I am doing, and how it is all interconnected.

My biggest steps taken or learnt from the content in this module so far have been in relation to my work collaboratively with the children in my workshop. The experimentation with collaboration, and how I view it’s place in my practice has been really eye opening.

I have also learnt a lot from allowing myself to step back from the weekly tasks. I am watching everything, reading everything, and coming on to the forums to comment, but allowing myself to say no to certain things if I want or need to, to be able to give myself the permission to sink totally into my own practice in the ways I need too. I am feeling like I have reached the point in the MA now where I know exactly where my project is going in the long term. Even with so many balls in the air at once, I know where each one is going, when and why, and that is a very calming and liberating feeling, that has allowed me to feel extremely confident in where I am moving forward with this body of work into FMP. Sometimes the tasks fit with that, and sometimes they don’t, even when I am not taking part in them though, I am still learning from the process and feedback, which has been really important.


Week 4 Project Development 21.06.2020

The below is an overview of where I am up too with my project right now.

This week I conducted 2 online zoom interviews, and the first photoshoot with families who were not home educating before lockdown but now plan on home educating long term.

I received 40 responses to a survey monkey questionnaire looking at children who had been due to sit GCSE’s or A-Levels prior to covid but were unable to achieve grades.

I started an application for the RPS postgrad grant for the above project. 

I completed the Natasha Caruana workshop grow money workshop that aimed to teach you how to be successful in applying for grants for your work.

I have decided to concentrate my WIP this module on the families who were not home educating prior to lockdown and now are. But in the meantime I will continue with the two separate streams of research as they interconnect , and therefore could be produced as one body of work if I wanted in the future.


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