Week 5 1-2-2 Steph 21.02.20

Week 5 1-2-2 Steph 20.02.20

Earlier today I had a really productive one to one with Steph. I showed her my work so far and we discussed possible ways of showing this work, the issues surrounding the ambiguous yet simultaneous specific readings of it , and the benefit of including text with the work to help viewers decipher my meanings. Steph put a number of recommendations up for photographers for me to look at -

I’ve had a brief look through all of these, and they are brilliant, and it’s really easy to see the connection to my work here.  I have to admit that I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the artists and projects I have to look at, as the list stands in the 20′s already. I am going to take the weekend to sort through these and see which ones I am drawn too and which ones resonate with me, I need to start being more selective I think with what I am spending my time on viewing and reading, or rather how much time I spend on them. I need to give myself the space and permission needed to just look at things for the amount of time I need to, to make a decision on them, and then move on as there is so much to consume.

We discussed Kaylynn Deveney’s project, the day to day life of Albert Hastings ,

fig 1, deveney, kaylynn. The day to day life of Albert Hastings. https://kaylynndeveney.com/bert-grid

fig 1, deveney, kaylynn. The day to day life of Albert Hastings. https://kaylynndeveney.com/bert-grid


and how she had incorporated text of Aberts’ descriptions of the photographs, into the book of the work. This made me think of the artist at Arles , Anna Fox,  who showed her work ‘my mothers cupboards and my fathers words’ in the home sweet home exhibition in Arles. I was really drawn to this project when I saw it in Arles, and felt it was by far the strongest in that exhibition . The juxtaposition of the banality of the images, the prettiness of the visual language, next to the harshness of the words really draws you in. I am going to look at both of these projects in more detail as inspiration for an album.

We discussed these in reference to my work that I showed today lacking in a certain narrative without text , and the possibility of creating an album or zine as my WIP this module rather than a straight pdf of images as I have done in previous modules, enabling me to incorporate text with my images. Given that I plan on one of my outcomes from the FMP being an album, I think this would be a really good time to experiment with my delivery and presentation and how I can play with the way I convey the message I wish to show about our lives and educational philosophy.

Fig 2, Fox, Anna. 2000. My Mother

Fig 2, Fox, Anna. 2000. My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words

Somewhere at one of the three webinars I attended today I got recommended to look at Sam Taylor-Johnsons work as well. I can’t remember where it was so I am just putting it here ! https://samtaylorjohnson.com

and I am adding Trish Morisseys work to this as well




Marjolaine Ryley, villa mona https://www.marjolaineryley.co.uk/HTML/framset-photomenu.htmlhttps://www.marjolaineryley.co.uk/HTML/framset-photomenu.html (Accessed 21.02.20)

Kaylynn Deveney , the day to day life of Albert Hastings https://kaylynndeveney.com/bert-grid (Accessed 21.02.20)

Christopher nuns , falling into the day http://www.christophernunn.co.uk/fallingintotheday/odfrqk0m06uqvhjrnlfhefbhd1wbrl (Accessed 21.02.20)

Morissey, Trish. Homepage. Available at http://trishmorrissey.com (Accessed 21.02.20)

Peter frasers tate shots video https://youtu.be/F8glmAtCnnU (Accessed 21.02.20)

Taylor-Johnson, Sam. Suspended self portraits. Available at https://samtaylorjohnson.com (Accessed 21.02.20)


Fig 1, Deveney, Kaylynn. The day to day life of Albert Hastings. Available at https://kaylynndeveney.com/bert-grid (Accessed 21.02.20)

Fig 2, Fox, Anna. 2000. My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words  Available at http://www.annafox.co.uk/work/my-mothers-cupboards/ (Accessed 21.02.20)


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