Week 6 Forum 05.03.20

Week 6 Forum 05.03.20



  • Reflect on the contexts which are open to disseminate photographs today, eg, print portfolio, book, magazine, Internet, zine and galleryProvide specific examples to support your comments and evaluate thier success or failure
  • Evaluate their success or failure
  • Outline how each context might ‘assign new meanings’ to the work
  • Identify and reflect on ways in which this might inform the optimal context for viewing your own photographic practice
  • Comment on peers posts throughout the week as you consider the context of your own work and reflect on how you plan to move forwards in preparation for your webinar



I hope this is ok but I am going to be quite short about what I want from my practice, but that is only because my project is very fixed in some ways , and I have been thinking about it since before I came to the MA. 

I am photographing a different sphere of alternative education for each module on the MA. For my fmp I am going to combine this into one photobook, that will serve as an ‘overview’ of alternative educational paths that people take.

It will be separated into chapters on local home education, alternative schooling groups, my own families personal journey with home education, and then a chapter or section on worldschooling. I am hoping this will in the future potentially lead to more focused books on some of those areas.

This book is going to be marketed towards those people who are looking at or have taken the path of alternative education, the art-photobook market,  and then towards people who are interested in the wider subject of pedagogy and how children learn. In Jack lathams guest lecture he talked about how sugar paper theories was so popular because it had several differing spheres of people to consume it , the art world, the residents of Iceland who were already invested in the story, and also people interested in psychology and how the mind works. I would really recommend his guest lecture to anyone who hasn’t watched it, it is SO fascinating ! 


In addition to this I will also be producing an interactive exhibition aimed at local home educating families . My plan is to bring to life the environments that education can happen in, and then present lightboxes, prints, and or projected images of the project within these spaces. The idea being, the photographs of the education, become an education within themselves . The exhibition, will of course be open to anyone, but my aim is to give something back to the community that has so generously given me their time, and energy, and let me into their lives, a very personal and private space, this exhibition will be all about bringing families to a gallery setting and making it as fun and enjoyable and as submerging as possible as my space and funds allow. 

Exhibition that I take for inspiration here are the V&A’s Winnie the pooh ; exploring a classic https://www.vam.ac.uk/articles/inside-the-winnie-the-pooh-exploring-a-classic-exhibition (Links to an external site.) , V&A’s Tim walkers wonderful things https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/tim-walker (Links to an external site.) ,  The wonderful world of Oliver jeffers  at story republic https://thewritersblock.org.uk/enjoy-our-wonderful-world-of-oliver-jeffers-this-half-term/  (Links to an external site.)and michael rosen’s we’re going on a bear hunt at the story republic http://www.keap.org.uk/recent-projects/were-going-on-a-bear-hunt (Links to an external site.) . 

All these exhibitions create submersive , interactive experiences for children. 


In May I have been invited to do a talk and present my project images to a group of attendees at the exchange in penzance,  where they are currently running the exhibition ‘Hippo campus; where we learn’ https://newlynartgallery.co.uk/activities/hippo-campus/ (Links to an external site.) ) I have yet to decide if I will create prints, or do a projection of images for this talk, but that is another way my work will be consumed.




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