Week 7 procreate & mothers house studios 09.03.20

Week 7 procreate & mothers house studios 09.03.20

Today I am getting my entry ready for  the procreate project’s ‘Mother art prize’ , where I am entering a series of images from the  last module showing some of the varying ways people are home educating within Cornwall. This is the first competition I will be entering with any of my images from the MA , but I really wanted to support this initiative , and if I am going to give my £15 to anyone it will be these amazing people on international womens day (ok the day after but !) Plus that judging list is pretty impressive ! The prizes are also pretty epic with solo and group show spots up for grabs at Elephant magazines project space in London ! I’m not expecting anything, but it’s good to have a go at these things ! 


This is the info from the website on the competition 

procreate Project is back with the 3rd edition of the Mother Art Prize 2020, the only international open call for self-identifying women and non-binary visual artists with caring responsibilities. 
Its aim is to promote and support artists who are mothers/parents as well as drive the attention of the wider public to a broad-spectrum of themes that would otherwise be overlooked and devalued. 
The prize is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following media: painting, drawing, mixed-media, photography, digital art, sculpture, ceramics, installation, textile, sound and video and there are no theme restrictions.

The judging panel is composed by:

  • Niamh Coghlan, Richard Saltoun Gallery Director 

  • Pauline Desouza, Director of the Diversity Art Forum

  • Elvira Dyangani Ose, Director of The Showroom and Lecturer in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths University

  • Eva Langret, Artistic Director Frieze London

  • Claire Mander, Chair of Steering Committee of UK Friends of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and Director of theCoLAB 

  • Frances Morris, Director of Tate Modern


This is the shortlist of images I am choosing from … ( to clarify these are ALL from module two and not images from this module, I am just sharing as it is giving you information on the way I am integrating LO4 into my ongoing project )

Fig 1, Graham. Rebecca. 2019. MODULE TWO IMAGES NOT FROM THIS MODULE !

Fig 1, Graham. Rebecca. 2019. MODULE TWO IMAGES NOT FROM THIS MODULE !


I don’t actually know how many images you are allowed to enter in a series yet, I have zipped off an email to find out, but trying to choose only 10/15 images is SO hard, as it is such a wide ranging subject, and I want to make sure I am representing the project as completely as possible. I find whenever I look at something like this, I automatically think that I need to start deleting details or ‘trace’ shots , like 002, 014, 007 …. however I think that is counter productive as these are the images that make it real, and tie the project together.

I think I am going to go for images 001/003/007/013/015/019/021/022/023/028/029/030/ if I am allowed up to 12 images. These show a range of  pedagogical environments and varying methods in the realms of pedagogy/heautagogy . They also show a mix of the children, the ‘traces’ and the mothers facilitating the education of their children. 

Some thing I felt odd about, or ill at ease about at the start of the project, as I know there are fathers out there educating their children. However, I am learning to embrace this a little more, as ultimately I am a mother, and I am telling these stories through the mothers gaze, the female gaze, and the disappearance or dissolving of the mother , as discussed in Brights’ ‘motherlode’ (Bright. 2013. pg 23)  is something that it a focus point, an anchoring point of my work. 



Something else that I came across was the procreate mother house studios project that had been launched in London. A place for artist mothers to use a studio space with built in childcare. The idea was conceived by Dyana Gravina, and initiated by the procreate project. The stand alone website has an amazing educational manifesto, that can be found in full HERE , I have copied in the below from the manifesto as it is something that really strikes a chord with me and what I am trying to achieve, with my beliefs as an artist, mother, and educator.

“ The Model facilitates integration and exchange with the Mothers’ art practice, bringing the child’s development closer to art. Crucially, children learn about women’s roles outside the domestic environment. Mother House studios promote attachment and inclusion. Due to the highly creative environment the children are immersed into, they will be able to explore different ways of thinking, discovering and learning. Through print, painting, drawing, sculpting and modelling, through dance and physical movement, through pretend play, music and playing with sounds, rhythm, and rhyme. Each of these languages are valued and nurtured.” (Mother house studios 2015-2020)


I believe this a really important step in creating equality between male and female artists, between parental artists, and artists without children. Artists with children need the space to create and explore, and when our children are a huge part of an artists person, it is irrational and inconceivable to expect them to create when detached from a part of themselves. This ties in with the attachment parenting philosophy that you can read about here  , that although no way a precursor to alternative education, or creative living, I have found to be in abundance in the two.



Bright, Susan. 2013. HomeTruths, photography and motherhood. ‘Motherlode’ pg 8-23 . London; Art books.



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Fig 1, Graham. Rebecca. 2019. MODULE TWO IMAGES NOT FROM THIS MODULE !


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