Week 8 Finalising the WIP 17.03.20

Week 8 Finalising the WIP 17.03.20

( EDITED TO ADD 26.04.2020 I thought this was the final WIP, it turned out it wasn’t !)


Last night, I finalised my final WIP images. I went through all of them on my own, then with my children, showed the to Ilya & Amy, and then finally went through them with my husband. It was very important to me ethically and morally that the children were happy with the images I had chosen, that they felt they portrayed their home education journey truthfully, and appropriately.

My husband I got to view them as someone who understood home education and what I was trying to convey (the convergence of self directed autonomous learning, GCSE’s A-level provision and the MA , and how that looks from our own personal perspective) , also I trust him to tell me truthfully if something is or isn’t right.

I also asked Amy & Ilya my peers to look at the images as we have come to over the course of the MA trust each others judgements , and rely on each other for honest feedback during our MA journey so far.

Finally, today I showed the final WIP to Sarah, who was very positive about the direction I had taken the work in , and the final selection of images. Her one area that she said I needed to focus on was sequencing the images now into what comes where in the album, and importantly what size the images are, which are larger, smaller, and which ones have text with them.

Below is the recording for how we (my husband and I) went through the images and I finalised the selection, discussing the images, sequencing, editing, and the narrative I was telling.


and I have also uploaded a transcript of the conversation underneath as well for quicker reading if needed. It’s also a really great way for me to be able to look back through and see where I am being too emotional, and need to step back from the process a little as well.

CLICK THIS LINK TO OPEN TRANSCRIPT final (IC)WIP selection transcript


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