Week 8 LO4 Residency application 14.03.20

Week 8 LO4 Residency application 14.03.20

I have decided to look into applying for the Cornwall based emerging artist residency with Rame Projects. This is the blurb from their website regarding the residency.

Rame Projects is a new artist-led project space on the Rame Peninsula in South-East Cornwall. Thanks to support from Arts Council England, FEAST, The Box, and Plymouth College of Art, we are able to offer a month-long residency opportunity to an emerging artist based in Cornwall. Rame Projects aims to: provide opportunities for local communities to engage with contemporary art, in both its making and exhibition; engage local students and young people with contemporary art practices that are new to them; and support and platform emerging artists based in Cornwall and Devon. 


What we can offer:

  • A month long studio residency, with overhead costs for the space covered. The space is located on a Cornish cliff top, a short walk to beaches and local villages. It is 12m x 6m size, and suitable for work at most scales. There is basic AV equipment available in the space, 20 chairs, and a small kitchenette including good coffee machine and a small office workspace and library. The studio is on the Maker Heights site, where there is an amazing cafe, The Canteen, and an inexpensive campsite; making residential workshops a possibility.
  • An artist fee of £500.  This would be of much use for creating workshops, I used to run workshops for young children using polaroid cameras, which is a great way to involve young children with photography as you are giving them instant ‘reward’, they can see exactly what they have done and in an age where children are used to seeing their images on screens straight away this is a great mix of old and new, and getting them to appreciate film without having to go the whole way of developing. Financially though, polaroid film is expensive, even if you only give a child one polaroid film, which holds ten images , and buy in bulk you are still looking at £9 a child. You could get one polaroid camera for £20-£30 on eBay. 100 photos is £50 in bulk, so for £35 you could get a camera, film and card for presentation for one child, I could get 10 of these for £350 , and I own 5 polaroid cameras already. So using my own cameras as well I could run workshops for 20 home educated children with a mini exhibition for roughly £400 I anticipate. This would be an amazing opportunity for the local community to engage with the project, and the students from the local college they are involved with seeing a different form of education as well. The community engagement would be brilliant.
  • A production budget of £250 towards materials and related costs agreed with Rame Projects. I have addressed this above
  • Fees to run two engagement workshops, each workshop fee is £175 plus £50 production budget. I have addressed this above
  • Support for public-facing event e.g. exhibition of work in progress artworks, film screening, discussion group etc. As above, this would be an ideal opportunity to show my project to the wider community, and also to both engage that community with the project, whilst also supporting both home educated, and college students in making & creating their own artworks and presenting them as well. The space then could become a collaborative exhibition space. 
  • Curatorial and critical support from Rame Projects team and local arts professionals. This would be really beneficial as would give me another way of looking at exhibitions, and knowledge from people working in a different involvement, that also are involved with other arts based projects. 
  • Whilst working in the rural environment is inspiring and creates a concentrated space for a residency, there are a couple of potential limitations. The WiFi is patchy and often requires tethering from your mobile data package. There are transport links if you don’t have a car, as there is a bus that runs to Maker Heights, or you can get the passenger ferry from Plymouth to Mount Edgecumbe and walk up to the studio which is approximately a 40 min lovely walk through the countryside. There is no additional budget to support transportation costs unfortunately.


The reason I want to look at this project as there is a potential here for me to bring this project of mine which is all about the local home ed community , into the community , and the potential to create workshops for local students based around what I am doing. 

The applications close on the 14th of April so I am going to start work on my application over the next week or two along side my critical review of practice. 



Cornwall-based emerging artist residency. VASW. Available at  https://www.vasw.org.uk/opportunities/cornwall-based-emerging-artist-residency?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_12032020 (Accessed 15.03.20)

Cornwall-based emerging artist residency. Rame projects. Available at http://rameprojects.com/cornwall-based-emerging-artist-residency/ (Accessed 15.03.20)

Ebay. Fujifilm instax mini search. Available at https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html_sop=3&_from=R40&_nkw=fujifilm+instax+mini+9&_sacat=0&_pgn=3 (Accessed 15.03.20)


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