Week 8 shortlisting images 15.03.20

Week 8 shortlisting images 15.03.20

At the face to face crits, I was suggested that I try experimenting shooting both more ‘traces’ of the children’s education, and some more shots that show the environment the kids are learning in .

Off the back of this this week, I have reshot some of the traces shots that I have already done so far this module that I wasn’t as happy with , either in their framing, light, colour, focus or their visual narrative may have been off slightly.

I also managed to capture a rare occasion when all of our family were in the same room, at the same time, and all doing something somewhat educational . This is quite a hard thing to do, and also to explain. By it’s very definition people think home education entails families sitting around a table doing work. I am currently considering whether by including imagery like this in my project, I  may not be helping myself, or my project ideas.  I may well be producing imagery that the tutors are saying could be good, (and it is undoubtedly making me stretch myself in my photographic practice), however, I worry it is doing nothing for my bigger aim of showing what home education actually really is. In fact, I would say it does the opposite, it feeds into a narrative, that it is the very purpose of my project to show isn’t true.

I mean this with no disrespect to the tutors of course. I fully appreciate their opinions and feedback, and everything they are saying makes complete and total sense visually, aesthetically, it is just that narratively I was struggling with it.  

It was suggested that I am being defensive of my children when we are discussing my images, but what is actually going on, is that I am really struggling with how to politely explain to my tutors what home education IS , and how that THAT is what I want to show. I find when I try to convey this I can come across as defensive. This can be an issue. This is something I am planning on talking to Sarah about this week as I have asked for a 1-2-1 chat with her to talk through some of these issues.

As I say though, visually, aesthetically I agreed with Michelles & Jesse’s comments that I should try and show some more of the environment we are working and living in, and their reasoning for why that was important (that some of these images could of been taken anywhere and I needed to show where we were, to give the images context). As much as I really wanted to take on board their suggestions, and try them, I wanted to do it in my own way, staying true to the visual story I am telling. I thought that this was going to be a struggle, how was I to do this in a documentary fashion (as I didn’t want to pose the children or do constructed tableau work as I have already discussed) .

Amazingly the universe convened and my children all ended up in the same room working yesterday , all on their own with no instructions from me at all, so I took the rare opportunity to take advantage of this and to take some photographs.

I am thinking I am probably going to use one of these as the front cover for the photo book as it will go well with the project title ‘the Heutagogical home’ and my thoughts at the moment are, to go with minimal images of the actual children, with more images being of the ‘traces’ of the children, and ‘traces’ of the education in the photobook, but I am still open to this evolving over the next couple of weeks.

Untitled_Artwork 54

Untitled_Artwork 53

I have also reshot some of the images that I had already taken that I wasn’t visually happy with of the ‘traces’ of the children and their education. These are below.

Untitled_Artwork 55Untitled_Artwork 54 copyUntitled_Artwork 53 copy


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