Week 9 Forums, research, Summary 30.07.2020

Week 9 Forums, research, Summary 30.07.2020

Landings Exhibition Forum

Grab a cup of tea (or a beverage of your preference), and give everyone an update on what you are doing / plan to do this week. Feel free to offer each other suggestions or ‘digital hugs’.
This week ,
I am running a socially distanced exhibition in my garden as part of landings 2020.  I decided to run it fri-sun to better fit in with the people holidaying in Newquay where we live, rather than mon-mon as per landings. We spent 10 days , my family and I, totally renovating and landscaping our garden for it, complete overhaul. We got all but one last load of rubble, grass and building materials off to the tip before the exhibition officially opened. Not very professional but hey ho there we go.
Today I set up the exhibition for the first time after a rainy morning it cleared up for 2/3 hours and I was able to get everything up, get 11 visitors through my garden ,  take a time lapse of it being set up, and photographs of the images in situ, and chat to people about home education, lockdown schooling, and how it has effected their families.
As part of the exhibition I am displaying 4 a0 frames with the layouts of two newspapers I designed and had printed for the module.
A broadsheet size newspaper showing my ‘A Heuristic Interlude’ work in progress for the module, and a tabloid size newspaper showing the 30 children’s work in response to the phrase ‘your home education’ who attended an online zine workshop I ran with them at the start of the module. The two sit one inside the other like a traditional weekend newspaper with a supplement type set up.
I popped out a comments book as well to get feedback on the exhibition and on the newspapers as well, which has been really insightful. I think the best part of the first day for me was that the first people through the garden didn’t know me, but were just walking past and randomly decided to come in and look around because they saw the images , the kids were looking, the mum said “ooooh boys look at the beautiful photographs” and I invited them in, even though I was still hanging images (nothing to say about risk assessment here!) . The mum was really encouraging about Home Education and how her children have found it, and her children took away one of each of the two newspapers , and then drew me pictures in my comments book of what their home-schooling had looked like for them. This is EXACTLY what I wanted for this exhibition and for the newspapers, for them both to be visually engaging to family audiences , and to create discourse around alternative education, specifically about how both parents and children have felt about lockdown schooling. The fact it inspired two children within the first half an hour to create two pieces of art for me was just the icing on the cake really, and everything that I could of hoped for , for me for this body of work, that means more than all the industry people in the world through the door of an art gallery  !:)
I am embedding the time lapse of us setting up the exhibition and the first  people coming through below.

Video – Bekkie Graham. 2020. Youtube.
My next set of tasks is the live landings launch. My list of to do’s and done’s -
Create dedicated IG page
Reach 200 followers before Monday (everyone is doing fabulously in helping to reach this goal thank you !!!)
Email past guest lecturers their invites
Get post out on twitter
Upload an image of each participants project prior to Mondays launch evening
Organise tutor talks/presentations
email/message all landings participants to give instructions for the lives, how they work, how to access them, what they can talk about – ideas
collate a list of who is going to present lives / give them the final order times of the talks / find out who is doing a talk or walkthrough etc
collate all blurbs for the live speakers projects
create a carousel banner, and text for each participant ready to upload prior to each photographers IG live interview. Give to Matt ready for him to upload on the evening.
Send instagram invites out to industry bod’s on instagram
contact papers and photography publications about the launch
do trial lives with IG live participants that want them on my IGTV so they can see how it works
Sort with Tim about tech support on the evening incase anything goes wrong
Set up a back up zoom in case of catastrophic tech failure
come up with a plan for something for those unable to attend on the evening
DO THE IG LIVES 7pm (till 8:30pm ish?) MONDAY 27th
celebrate with everyone with a very large glass of wine us all having pulled off this absolutely epic feat haha
After landings is over , I need to crack on with my CRJ I have done SO much this module, ran a workshop for 30 kids, done five photoshoots, five interviews with the familys on zoom, ran two simultaneous survey monkey questionnaires about lockdown schooling, created two newspapers collating the images and quotes from the interviews, had portfolio reviews with HMP, Brett Rogers and Jenny Lewis, spoken to multi-story about a potential project, applied for the RPS postgrad, and prix virginia grants, attended loads of workshops outside of the course including one on securing funding (I have nowhere near enough money to bring my ideas to fruition I have discovered with this exhibition), and curated the landings launch ……. but I have wrote hardly anything in my CRJ compared to normal because of how busy I have been. So I plan on spending a week doing that before starting to work on the assignments after getting myself sorted out.
and that’s all folks …. really looking forward to doing the launch with you all on Monday , it’s SO exciting !!!

Oops just realised I actually need to create my landings online gallery as well …. thank you Kimmi for reminding me with your post !!!

Such a great way to show your work,looks like you had a good audience as well.I’d of definitely popped in if i’d passed it.Garden looks good too.


And breathe. Well done Bekkie and going to check out your CRJ post 17th Aug.:)

I -

You are AWESOME Bekkie! Do you manage to get any sleep in between all you do? I’m driving to Newquay this week to see your exhibition.

Yes all week between 4am and 9 am:)haha . I was running on adrenaline then crashed down to earth with a migraine this morning, and am all back to normal again now after an afternoon nap lol.
Are you bringing your book with you when you come? I’d love to see it … 
Thanks D , It’s been really positive, lots of people coming in whilst passing, as well as the people I had invited from the home ed community to come and see it along with their families as well.  It’s so funny … my husband has had four people ask whether he will go and help them do their gardens off the back of it:)Let’s not discuss the ingrained sexism of them all there of them assuming it wasn’t me who did all the digging To be fair the kids should be being asked as well, they all did a huge amount of work towards it, especially the older two boys. It was definitely a joint family effort bless them. T, I have a feeling there’s going to be some mammoth posts written this week !:)

D - You did a brilliant job last night, I should have showed my dummy zine but really really enjoyed the work. My god we are among some fab artists. Thanks to Matt and the rest of the curating team for pulling it out the hat.

Me -
Will be nice to go towards FMP if it is after this module though ! The garden – never ever ever again I tell you ! My back is killing still from the digging, I was not made for hard work haha:)
Thanks re last night, was a blast ! You can always end over a video of your dummy book if you want and I can include it in your video as we are splitting the IGTV up into one person segments and reposting over the week


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