Week 9 Oliver Jeffers IG livestream 23.03.20

Week 9 Oliver Jeffers IG livestream 23.03.20

Today in his ‘book a day’, Oliver Jeffers read his book ‘The heart & the bottle’

As part of all the free things people are doing for children during the isolation period, Oliver Jeffers is reading a book a day on Instagram live at 6pm GMT. My youngest and I have been watching them every evening as he is a bit of a fan and has been since he was about 3 years old, I thought this was great to share as it shows the cross over between educational learning, fun, engagement, a Childs natural ability to learn from their everyday life, but also how their learning journeys inspire me and the work I create and how I inform my practice more broadly.

Last night I caught this answer he was giving to a child that had asked about how he polishes his book essentially, and I thought this was really good advice for coming to the part of this module where I will be collating my final WIP.

Both about how important the text being used in ‘picture’ books is, as when you are using so few words what you do use needs to be just right.

Also, how important, & how he does his edit, he will write/collate, then he goes away, leaves it for a few days or a couple of weeks and then after that time, when he has left it alone for a while it is really obvious if something is out of place, if he stumbles over the rhythm, or if someone sticks out, he knows whether he then needs to tweak it or edit it out completely, and he keeps doing that until it is perfect and he doesn’t feel the need to change anything else.



 Jeffers, Oliver. Instagram. Available at https://www.instagram.com/oliverjeffers/?hl=en (Accessed 24.03.20)



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