Week 9 Statement of intent 29.07.2020

Week 9 Statement of intent 29.07.2020


Heuristic (adj.)
Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
“serving to discover or find out,” 1821, irregular formation from Greek heuriskein ”to find; find out, discover; devise, invent; get, gain, procure” (from PIE *were- (2) “to find;” cognate with Old Irish fuar”I have found”) + -istic. As a noun, from 1860. Greek had heuretikos ”inventive,” also heurema ”an invention, a discovery; that which is found unexpectedly.”


‘A Heuristic Interlude’

‘A Heuristic Interlude’ tells the stories of five families in the U.K, who were not Home-Educating prior to lockdown, but since trialling this way of living and learning – through Home-Schooling during school closures – have either decided to de-register their children from school, or are seriously considering doing so before schools return in September.

Through intertwining visual imagery, personal interviews with the families, National Home-schooling surveys, & Education based pandemic research, I have created a microcosm of the situations many families in the U.K now face , when deciding how best to live and learn together going forward.







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