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Package options and prices

All of my pregnancy, baby, childrens’ and family photoshoots cost £500 which includes all of your images at high resolution on usb, and a selection of gift prints , presented in a beautiful wooden keepsake box.

The £500 is due at the time of booking your photoshoot, or can be split into with 5 payments of £100 or 10 payments of £50. Images will be forwarded on to you once your package and any applicable expenses has been paid in full.

Travel within cornwall is included in this fee. Outside of cornwall I charge travel expenses, by way only of fuel at cost.This will be payable when I return home from my photoshoot and can supply you with fuel receipts, and will be payable prior to your images being sent.

Birth photography starts at £750 , with prices and package options being explained in full over on the birth photography pages. Birth photography outside of cornwall incurs travel and expenses at cost , depending on your birth plan and how it all goes this can but by no means does always include such things as ; fuel , trains, taxis, accommodation, food, parking.

To enquire about booking your photoshoot please email or phone 07814723841.



This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.