Online Show and Tell Talk Falmouth University


In December 2020 I presented an online talk to Falmouth University students showing my project development so far, and my plans for the final stage of my Masters.

July 2020 Instagram live interview with Natasha Caruana of Work Show Grow


I was invited by Natasha in July 2020 to take part in an Instagram live Interview with her where I could discuss an aspect of my project and how it has effected my project. I chose to talk about community engagement, and how community is at the core of my project, what I am trying to create and accomplish.


July 2020 Live Launch Landings 2020 ‘Metamorphosis‘ . Presenter introduction, artist talk and sign off.

July 2020 ‘Metamorphosis’ – Presenters introduction, artist talk and sign off.


June 2020 Podcast interview with 80% awesome

I was invited in May 2020 to take part in an Interview with Rachel Picken of the pocast 80% awesome, to introduce my project, who I am, how home educating has worked for our family and what I am hoping to achieve with the project. The podcast episode aired in June 2020

Podcast Interview with 80% awesome, available on spotify.


April 2020 Online zoom zine making workshop for 30 home educated children & production of a tabloid newspaper of the childrens visual responses to the phrase “Your Home Education.”


April 2020 Live Talk for The Penzance Exchange and Newlyn Art Galleries in Cornwall, as part of the exhibition ‘ Hippo Campus : Where we learn ‘.

Following this talk I was invited to add my images from my ‘ A Heuristic Interlude’ exhibition to Hippo campus for the remainder of the exhibition in 2020.

08.05.2020 Zoom presentation Newlyn Art gallery

This blog is written as part of my studies on the Falmouth University photography ma, an accredited educational programme.