Sustainable prospects Coursework week 3

Sustainable prospects Coursework week 3 – THE LIVE BRIEF

In June 2019 I started my MA with Falmouth university as part of an accredited education programme.

Wednesday 9th October 2019


In our live brief group for the City ID proposal this week we decided we would go out and take some images of how visually, we interpreted the brief , and then upload them to the shared folder that one of the other members of the group created.

These are the images I shared. In the end I ended up doing two different sets of images. The first set was taken at Gloucester service station on the M5 when I was on my way back to  Cornwall from the Midlands the other day.. I’ve visited this motorway service station lots, and it seemed to me that they definitely have things heading in the right direction with putting back into the local area, and being more environmentally friendly, and ecologically aware. So I decided to stop off no the way home, and just take some images, these were all just taken on my iPhone, as it is all I had with me at the time.




The second set of images I collated were images that we had taken on our road trips in our van with our children whilst world schooling. For me personally, I could do this entire project/brief one around world schooling, but obviously it needs to be something that everyone can relate too and connect too, so I am aware that isn’t going to be the case with this. For me personally though, the whole premise of world schooling is like a modernised and updated form of ‘the American dream’ that City ID talk of in their brief. It is living ‘the good life’ with as little impact as possible given the fact you are travelling, making environmentally sound choices wherever possible, even in just the small ways . I struggle a lot with our world schooling journey and it’s potential impact on the world, I do understand that this way of travelling is less impactful than flying for example, but it is still a hard line to tread. We want to show our children the world, so they appreciate it, understand themselves, their roots, and other people and cultures better, so that they are able to make better choices, and be better informed as adults, but sometimes, you can’t help feeling like it is a bit of an oxymoron. There are, of course many ways to offset, and give back, and that is definitely something that, with the likes of the actions in London this week, we need to think on more.

The images in this set are all mine (apart from the top three) , taken from our travels in our beaten up, falling apart VW transporter from some of the areas we have travelled too such as Cornwall, The Lake District, Scotland, France & Switzerland. I especially liked the idea of photographing through windows , something that coincidentally one of the other group members had done as well with her images.

The top three images on the right come from SarahQ storyteller , and her amazing bus that her and her family travel around in in the USA Sarah is a travelling photographer, she works where their home takes them, I have been following her for quite a while, her life choices resonate with me so much as she is such a similar position to ourselves, and her photographs are beautiful …. not to mention her colour scheme choices are seriously on point ! I choose to include these images to illustrate how much more aesthetically pleasing the potential road trip idea could be if taken in a beautiful vehicle!


In our meeting this week most of the other members shared images that they had taken since last weeks meeting, with two of the members that lived close to each other, have gotten together to do their images. We chatted a lot about the areas we covered, what transportation as like for us in those areas, and the idea of trying to weave environmentally conscious choices into our travelling. We ended the webinar by me suggesting we should take what we had found from the images, and then present an idea or two each on potential proposal directions,  just so we have some starting points, to start bouncing ideas off each other with, and start talking about things more. J said if we posted to whatsapp by Thursday afternoon she would be able to put all the ideas into a document ready for when we meet with Anna and Jesse on Friday. We also discussed collating any questions we had about the assignment before the webinar as well.


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